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I did a thing, and now I am excited

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I signed up for a Let’s Make Art watercolor box. You see, once in a while, I remember that I love to draw and paint, but I just don’t do it much. I don’t make the time, don’t decide what I want to express, don’t get on with it. But I am hoping the art box will make me do something I love. All the pieces will arrive, an idea will already be planned, and I’m ten times more likely to do it because I paid for it...

I can’t wait to draw and paint pretty spring watercolor paintings! 

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Ooooo!  Sounds wonderful! It’s very hard to make time for personal hobbies. I’m so glad you found this. I agree that once the stuff shows up at the door, it’ll be just what you need to get creating.

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Well now you are going to have to update with pictures.  Let me know if the kit is good.  My oldest might love something like this.  Didn't you do the paint by number kits too, and it turned out beautiful.  I think the kits are genius.  Idea already picked out, everything you need so you don't waste time at the store trying to find everything, and it is wonderfully put packaged.   I think you will love it!

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