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1st Grade Planning Thread 2021-2022

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I keep coming back to see if a first grade thread has been started so I thought I'd go ahead and make one.  This will be my 3rd first grader but first time with a girl which I think will be a different experience.  She wants all the crafty things!

Math: Singapore Primary 1A/1B

Phonics: Continue All About Reading, she's currently mid way through level 2 

Language Arts: Writing with Ease 1, First Language Lessons 1, All About Spelling 1

History: Tapestry of Grace Year 4 Lower Grammar - we will be focusing on the inventions and famous people of the period and skipping most of the wars but I want to keep her on the same track as her older brothers

Science: Animals, animals, and more animals . . . It's what she most wants to learn about.  I have a DK Animal Encyclopedia on the shelf and we'll supplement with library books and animal related crafts from pinterest

She'll join in Morning Time for memory work, artist study, composer study, and Bible.  Hopefully, we'll be back to co-op in the fall where she'll take whatever she's interested in but most likely gym, art, ballet, and something science oriented.  

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Yay! I’ve been waiting for this thread. 

Math: TGTB old version. Mixing in Miquon and Bedtime Math. Games.

LA: Pinwheels Level 3 from Rooted in Language. Next up, The Wand.

HW: print path ot, round 2. Once upon a Pancake for creative storytelling. 

Science: nature study.  Iggy Peck Architect workbook & project, Rosie Revere Engineer Workbook & project. (My son picked these out.) Overview of our state’s required topics with the Let’s Read & find out series. 

Geo: on mission magazine. 

Social Studies: a PS textbook I plan to turn into projects for our state’s requirements. TGTB history story book only, not their full history.  Or I’ll dump all that and do something else.🤣


Dumping most of my geo/science/history plans and going with Moving Beyond the Page. I’m excited!! 

All the books I can get my hands on. There will be days that we just sit around & read.  We also do Bible, recitation, Spanish, art, and piano. I like AO’s rotation for compser/folk/artist study. Outschool classes for fun. 


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  • Math: We're on lesson 80 of RS B right now, so we'll probably finish up over the summer. If he's ready to move on, RS C. Otherwise, the second half of MM 1 to review and then RS C. I also have a bunch of other resources to mix in if he gets stalled out on a concept.
  • Phonics: He just started LoE Foundations D at the rate of about 1.5 lessons a week. We'll finish that up at whatever pace and then just work on reading and building fluency. I have Wise Owl Polysyllables to work through. 
  • Reading: Lots of readalouds. Probably Match Fishtank 2nd grade as a framework for readalouds and discussion--I’ve loved the 1st grade curriculum, which we’re finishing up in a few weeks.
  • Writing: FLL 1 and maaaaybe adding in WWE if he seems ready for more. HWoT 1st grade book--he’s a typical boy with handwriting; written output is way behind oral output. 
  • Memory: The material in FLL 1 and other useful information as it arises. 
  • History: HQ Ancients, maybe? We did the sample week a month or two ago and I thought it was well done but also that he would get more out of it in a year. I may also just do the Core Knowledge history book list for 1st and possibly 2nd grades because do I really need to buy more curriculum? I do not. 
  • Science: Continuing BFSU at half pace, using Let's-Read-and-Find-Out series as a spine. What I do here is thoroughly read the lesson I want to work on so I’m ready to pounce on opportunities to work in the material (messing around with containers in the bath--look, air is matter!) and then grab a small stack of books from the library and throw in a video or two from something like Magic School Bus or Mystery Science.   
  • Spanish: ???? We're haphazard about it now (DH speaks fluently, I can read and write but have trouble with oral comprehension). I’d like to be a bit more systematic. Beautiful Mundo? I
  • Music: possibly starting piano about halfway through the year, possibly not
  • Arts: Light artist and composer studies
  • Extracurriculars: Chess club, LEGO club, swim lessons, assuming things start up again. 

This was fun 🙂 

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I am a little bit at a loss for my rising 1st grader. I have TGTB LA K. We started it but I have no intention of us finishing this school year. We are focusing on using OPGTR. Right now, we are using Singapore Math US edition. The new TGTB looks so pretty I might give it a try. His science and history will be whatever his siblings end up using.  I also have Spelling Workout level A already and unsure if I should try to use it along side TGTB. I also had First Language Lessons, but cannot find it. I think I loaned it out and did not get it back. But I would like to use that. For handwriting, I have a lot of print handwriting books still left over from the older kids so I would like to use those up, but am worried they might not be the best choices.

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Math: I think we’re going to try TGATB Simply Math. The only other possibility is Math With Confidence. But I think he’ll be ready for second grade math by the end of this year, and Kate Snow’s program currently only goes through first grade. Lots of supplements with MathTacular DVDs, Usborne activity books, Wrap ‘ems, Don’t Open This Math Book, etc. 

Language Arts: Language Arts for a Living Education 2. We also play some writing games.

Reading: A mishmash of readers, probably mostly 2nd-grade-ish level. We’ll do the Sonlight 2nd grade readers, and I use a lot from TGATB booklist as well. I read out loud a ton, and try to do a mix of classics, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, picture books, poetry etc. 

History: This will be pretty loose and mostly consist of readalouds. No output required. Haven’t totally nailed down what we’re going to try to cover next year...we’ll do this as a family with older brother and younger brother. 

Bible: I think we’re going to go through the Jesus Storybook Bible and then watch each corresponding story on the DVD. 

Science: This will also be pretty loose and mostly consist of living books/readalouds, with no output. Looking to cover meteorology, earth science, and some basic physics stuff. I’ll try to do some STEM types of activities with them for fun. 

Handwriting: Possibly continue with HWOT, or maybe try something new....looking at TGATB, Zaner Bloser, etc.

Extras: Soccer, maybe art class if our art center reopens for in-person classes. We’ll continue with swimming lessons and tennis in the summer. Hoping he might be ready for piano lessons later this year...currently he is not. We do Suzuki lessons and it’s a little more intense and much more of a commitment than the type of piano lessons I did as a kid! 

That’s about it! Can’t believe I’ll be going through first grade for the second time already...it seems like JUST YESTERDAY I was doing first grade with my rising FOURTH GRADER. How is that possible?! 😭 


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DS(6) will be starting first grade in the fall. I've waffled over whether to go ahead and call him a first grader or not since he turned 6 in January. He would be in kindergarten in brick and mortar this year, first grade next year. Here is my plan:

Phonics/Reading: We are working through a mix of Progressive Phonics. Teaching Reading with BOB, Reading Pathways, and Don Potter's Reading Made Easy for First Grade. I expect to be about done with most of these (likely continuing Don Potter's book all year) at which point we will move on to Storytime Treasures and More Storytime Treasures from Memoria Press.

Math: Likely Singapore Math 1B/2A with some of Kate Snow's First Grade Math with Confidence thrown in. We might add Beast Academy 2A-2D series toward the end of the year.

Handwriting: CHC Handwriting book, Chanie

ELA: Introduction to Language Arts by Jack Kris Publishing, All About Spelling Level 1

History: Joining my twins (5th grade next year) for American history with Story of Civilization volume 4

Religion: Image of God First Grade, Great Adventure Bible (continued)

Science: I have no idea. Considering Scientific Connections through Inquiry

Extras: probably an art class, some sort of sport or PE class, tag along for morning basket with the older kids, likely Memoria Press First Grade Enrichment

That looks like a lot typed up. 😛 Fingers crossed we get it all in, but best laid plans, you know...




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I think my rising first grader will continue

Singapore 1/2

MP Simply Classical Writing

Song School Latin

MCT Island

Maps, Charts, Graphs

Daily Science

World History read alouds/units

American history readings/units/activities 

ART...this is my art kid. Online Draw Clubs, Home Art Studio, Artistic Pursuits, local classes (depending on Covid)

Some kind of mom-led random Spanish


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I have been turning my brains to mush, but in a good way, diving into planning this year. It’s going to be our first year trying to do classical method with a bit of CM mixed in. I’ve basically put our first six weeks together In the attachment below. I’m honestly lost in knowing if I’ve planned enough for literature or not. 

I decided to continue on with Abeka’s phonics but parent led/taught.
Right Start for math. 

First Language lessons for grammar.

Writing with ease for writing 

Math, Phonics, Language, and writing are open and go for the most part. 

Apologia Astronomy for science (a fellow homeschooler wanted to do group projects together and they had already purchased astronomy so we just agreed to work together)

SOTW for history.

We will loosely follow Ambleside’s hymn/folk song/art studies and I’ll also play the classical music selection at various times during the day. My goal is to study the art selection twice weekly but it won’t be a highly serious study. 
I am hoping to do activities and big projects of Fridays for the most part.

I am also unsure of the memory work that we need to accomplish. I know we are going to be memorizing a lot of Bible verses throughout the year with his Bible drill class. We are currently memorizing the books of the Bible. We’ve also memorized five Bible verses since February. 

The songs listed aren’t in any particular order and won’t be sung all at once. I figured we could learn and do a few action songs to help get fidgets out. I just have them all listed so that I don’t have to come up with them on the spot. 

With this being our first year I’m not sure how quickly we will be finished with books so fingers crossed that I have enough planned! I also don’t know for sure where he will be on reading level so I haven’t put in any  reading practice books. Right now he is reading Bob’s books to me. 

I also know that something WILL happen to throw us off these planned days but what we don’t finish will just be put on loop until we catch up or indefinitely. I plan to use this as a sort of checklist and just highlight the things we accomplish each day. I also plan to school year round and take a short break at the end of each six week period if possible. 


Rhett’s First Grade Year Plan.numbers

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My second 1st grader also... it goes by too fast!

Bible: Doing Telling God's Story year 4 with both the 4th grader and 1st grader -- hopefully there will be some activities that work for both of them. Also Slugs & Bugs CDs for memorization.

Math: Singapore 1A and 1B

Phonics: Will probably finish AAR level 2 this year, so will move on to 3 and 4 next year, probably using some simpler readers like Arnold Lobel books and some Dr. Seuss to start. Not sure what we'll do after level 4... might just start WWE level 1, but will play it by ear. We'll definitely do some Mad Libs for fun.

Handwriting: HWOT printing book

Spelling: Just started AAS level 1, so will continue with that -- might make it to level 2

History: Second half of US history, using some Sonlight spines and other history books and read-alouds, like the American Girls books. I'd like to find some ideas for making history more hands-on next year, since I'm kind of randomly looking on Pinterest for things this year so it's not much.

Science: Real Science Odyssey Astronomy 1, with 4th grader too. But it's only half the year so we'll need to find something else -- maybe something for nutrition since our state requires us to cover health.

Fine Arts: I'll mostly just let her do her own thing with drawing and making comics... might try teaching recorder this year but I don't know if she'll be too young.


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For my guinea-pig-homeschooling-first grader:

Religion: Catherine Vos Story Bible in small bites over breakfast most mornings + Telling God's Story 1 on Sundays (our church is semi-functional, but the children's program is going to struggle for a long time)

Math: First Grade Math With Confidence for the win! I hope WTM has a math sale in the Summer like last year...

Handwriting: Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive by Logic of English - My daughter prints pretty well for a 5.5 year old, but I think she will benefit from the forced motion of cursive. Plus she loves everything "fancy"!

Phonics/Reading/Spelling: finish out Recipe for Reading Workbooks 5-8 She's almost done with 3, and we just do a page or two a day + AAR Readers Volume 2 once she's finished with Volume 1 + RLTL 1 (now redone as Reading and Spelling Lessons Through Literature Primer) to transition to the Spalding spelling

Literature: Jimmy-rigging something like AO year 1, because I can never leave well enough alone. Planning to narrate Aesop's fables, some Julius Lester Tales of Uncle Remus, classic nursery and fairy tales, 2 or 3 a week. More classic kids novels as bedtime reading and in the car. AO's Poetry books for year 1 at bedtime.

 History: BFB Early American Primary as a book list - trying to get through Western expansion, but probably not the Civil War. Again, can't leave well enough alone, so adding in selections from America First updated, Many Thousands Gone, The Book of Indians, etc.

Geography: Pin It! Map of World + DIY version of Around the World with Picture Books 2 We used ATWWPB 1 this year, but I still spent a bunch of time looking up extra suggested books. The guide really didn't help with decision fatigue for $28 or whatever. If all the suggested extra books said, "Split this book into three readings or can be read in one sitting," it would probably be worth it to me. 

Science: Mystery Science subscription (luckily for $35 through group buy) + loads of LRFO books + loads of picture book science biographies from the library 

Nature: start (regularly) nature journaling, loads of narrative nature picture books + some nature lore spine?

Art and CM bits and bobs: Homeschool Art Studio DVD First Grade/Second Grade We do "messy" art Friday afternoons after we come home from our Wild+Free group outings... my kids will tolerate a "no" on giant art projects during the week, because we have this new tradition. Still haven't figured out the details for our picture study/handicrafts/composer study/songs. But I'm going to stick with songs the library has picture books of: if I try to get my kids to sing along from a piece of paper, the balk, if there's a picture book they grin. Probably grift the IEW Poetry memorization level 1 list.

Farm class for homeschoolers one morning a week at the same place she's done a forest "kindergarten" two days a week the past two years.

My three year old tags along for most of this with varying degrees of attention. But he's getting some AAR pre-reading + Kate Snow's Preschool Math. Also having a baby in the school year, so ... we'll be schooling year round style indefinitely I suspect.

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forgot geography
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I love planning threads! This is my second time homeschooling first grade, but the first time around we were still unschooling. My rising 1st grader will be 6 this summer. I also have a rising 4th grader and a preschooler. 

Memory Work: I think we may begin memorizing Classical Conversations' Timeline Song. We are currently halfway through learning the Presidents song, which the kids enjoy. We aren't part of a CC community, but I do like some of their materials. We recite and memorize poetry during Morning Time, which will continue, and we will continue memorizing multiplication and division facts using flashcards. 

Language Arts: This particular kid has been reading chapter books for two years. He's at a 5th or 6th grade reading level, but he is at grade level for spelling and grammar. He will do First Language Lessons 1 (I just love this program for my rising 4th grader, and I hope the earlier volumes are just as good) and I will give him spelling words based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to write in his journal. He's an avid reader, and he'll read whatever he likes, but I will put some copies of children's classics (Jungle Book, Peter Pan, mythology) in his path. 

Handwriting: He will continue with Handwriting Without Tears. 

Literature/History: I plan to use Torchlight Level 3: Inquiry and Innovation with both my 1st and 4th graders together. We are finishing up Level 2 this year. This has been one of the most exciting curriculums I have discovered. This volume focuses on the Early Modern Era. I will use this booklist, but will add in some classics as read-alouds including Shakespeare's Stories for Young Readers, Gulliver's Travels, and Robinson Crusoe, Les Mis, and The Three Musketeers.

History: I will use Curiosity Chronicles: Early Modern History for both my 1st and 4th graders together. We will also listen to Story of the World on audiobook -- this is a big hit! 

Geography: I would like to begin map tracing/drawing with my 1st and 4th graders. Ideally, this would be done while listening to whatever composer we are studying. 

Science: I have meant to use REAL Science Odyssey: Earth and Environment all year, and it keeps getting put to the side. Here's to finally getting to it in the fall. 

Math: He is currently working through Beast Academy 2A. We will continue with that program. 

Since it seems like we may get back to normal with social activities this fall, he is also going to take ukulele lessons, play soccer, join Cub Scouts, and take one or two fun classes from our homeschool co-op (hopefully an art class). We also have a weekly nature group. 

4 hours ago, Foofaraw said:

My three year old tags along for most of this with varying degrees of attention. But he's getting some AAR pre-reading + Kate Snow's Preschool Math. Also having a baby in the school year, so ... we'll be schooling year round style indefinitely I suspect.

We also homeschool year-round! It's the only way I can figure out how to get it all in. It seems like I have a lot planned, but I also like the kids to have lots of free time every day. My rising 1st grader won't work on lessons for more than 2 hours per day, maybe 3 on a busy day. 

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I'm still undecided for my upcoming 1st grader.  She's my second, but so different from DS8 that she might as well be my first.

Math: Math Mammoth 2, maybe?

Lanugage Arts: lots of reading aloud, working to fluency and hoping to move into early chapter books, Dictation Day by Day for spelling/copywork/beginning grammar

Science: SCI 0 with kinder DS

With the family: Geography (Asia), 50 states, lots of read aloud, poetry, art and music appreciation

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Grade 1

Language Arts: Explode the Code (with teacher’s guide), American Language Phonics Workbooks, various readers (mostly from Sonlight and Memoria Press booklists), copywork

Math: Math Mammoth 1

Bible: The Beginner’s Bible, Beginner’s Bible Workbook

History: SOTW 1 with Activity Book, tagging along with older siblings (History Revealed) and doing some activities with another family

Science: tagging along with older sister (Apologia Swimming Creatures & Botany with Junior Notebook)

Enrichment: MP Kindergarten Enrichment, MP Kindergarten Book of Crafts, Home Art Studio Kindergarten, Artistic Pursuits K-3 (only the projects to to go with Ancient History)

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On 3/9/2021 at 7:14 AM, jrichstad said:
  • Math: We stalled out at about Lesson 100 of RSB, so we've switched to Zearn 1st grade for review and consolidation. It's working great so far. When we get to a point where he needs more instruction rather than review, I might finish up B or start C. 
  • Phonics: ???????? LoE Foundations D is on pause for now and we're working through Word Mastery. Despite working through 3.25 levels of LoE Foundations, he's a whole-language kid and can read at a 3rd grade level in context but then half the time can't remember that a silent e makes a vowel say its long sound. I may look at Rooted in Language. He probably does at least need a some formal spelling.   
  • Reading: Lots of readalouds. Probably Match Fishtank 2nd grade as a framework for readalouds and discussion--I’ve loved the 1st grade curriculum, which we’re finishing up in a few weeks.
  • Writing: FLL 1 and WWE , at about two lessons a week. We're going to finish up FLL 1 probably by the end of July and then do WWE before starting FLL 2, which I don't think he's ready for.
  • History: We're secular and I really try to use 100% secular curriculum (personal preference). I've tried History Odyssey, Curiosity Chronicles, and History Quest.  On a whim two weeks ago, I picked up SotW 1, which I've had and not used for six years, and DS5 LOVED it. (Quote: "This is much more interested than I thought it would be!) Soooo, I bought the activity guide and I guess we're going to be doing SotW. When we finish, I'll either circle back and do Curiosity Chronicles for a different perspective, or we'll move on to SotW 2.   
  • Science: Continuing BFSU, using Let's-Read-and-Find-Out series as a spine.  
  • Spanish: Beautiful Mundo for general integration of Spanish into daily life; new Homeschool Languages curriculum for formal lessons. We tried the sample and he loooved it. That's noteworthy because he usually gets mad when I try to teach/ speak Spanish. 
  • Music: Violin lessons, at his request.
  • Arts: Artistic Pursuits K-3 and Memoria Press music enrichment
  • Extracurriculars: Chess club, LEGO club, swim lessons, assuming things start up again. These are possibilities, not commitments.  

I made some changes 😄

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I have a young 1st grader (won't be six until November), and I still feel new to homeschooling (kindergarten was my first year). Looking through all the curriculum choices has been overwhelming, but this is what I think we will use:

Math: Singapore Dimensions 1A/1B

Handwriting: HWOT "My Printing Book" (may switch to Zaner-Bloser when HWOT completed)

Language Arts: FLL 1, WWE 1, Explode the Code 1 1/2 (for review) 2 - 3 (and then maybe 4 and/or 5), "I Can Read It!" Word List and books. LWOT's Building Better Writers (will start with A). I also plan to supplement with Voyages in English. I may incorporate AAS 1 during the second half of the year.  It depends on how well we go through ETC.

Science: Scientific Connections Through Inquiry 0, Generation Genius, Little Passports Science Jr. kits

Art: Evan-Moor's "How to Teach Art to Children." 

Social Studies: Undecided. Continue to cover geography. Not sure what other topics we will cover.


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