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Tackling Sunday Together


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Good morning!  I did some deep cleaning yesterday in parts of the house, gathering up motivation to tackle the rest. I have a new stack of books from the library that's calling my name...

To do:

  • coffee
  • church online
  • lunch out with dh?
  • meal plan and grocery list
  • read...watch tv...

Have a great day!

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Church and Coffee
Sort all the paint cans in the basement and sort out which go to which room and make a key.
Pick out a color for the new master bathroom - Settled on either Santorini  Blue or Sleepy Blue.  I'm leaning towards the more intense Santorini.

Swatch the neutral wall in the living room -either Bleeker Beige, Accessible Beige, or Churchill Hotel Ecru.  (Sadly, I own all three. SMH.  Need to pick one and repaint the wall.)
Paint the front wall where we moved an outlet.

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today I have:
....coffee -- done
....print/file all the K & 1st stuff for tomorrow -- done
....figure out my income & expenses for DH for our taxes -- done (except I need to gather about 2 more sets of receipts for expenses)
....laundry -- fold what was washed/dried yesterday, wash some more 
...go meet a friend to pick up a quilt gift she has for me, whenever she calls/texts with a time/place
....remember to put craft/project supplies in my school bag
....really really really hopefully have time to sew......??????
....watch Wanda Vision & probably also Cobra Kai tonight with the family

But up next -- nap. 

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Wall painted but the color is off. Sigh. 

Accessible beige, once again, for the win!

DH did drywall in the basement bathroom. I’m going to toss together something for supper. 

Maybe a game tonight. I’m in a Jonny English mood....

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It's late, but I'll jump in.

Today I went to church AM, did a couple things at the school, took a nap, and ate too much. Still left to do:

Church PM

Finish cleaning bathrooms

Fold some laundry

Clean the floors

Get coffee and lunch made for dh-he is working nights again for a couple months.

Dust the furniture

Google classroom (any teachers have tips to make google classroom quicker to use?)


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Howdy, happy Sunday!

I did a bunch more cleaning in Kid2's room, among other things.  Still lots more to do, but at least it was more or less presentable.  "Was."  The kids have pretty much trashed the place as usual.

Then I was reviewing what Kid2 submitted for algebra, and determined that she had neglected the last 3 or 4 assignments.  Her reason for not doing the assignments clearly posted on the teacher's calendar:  "I don't look at his calendar."  This was like 20 minutes before her friends were scheduled to arrive to "hang out."  She was apparently surprised to learn that I actually meant it when I said she would not be allowed to join her friends unless and until her back work was done.

So long story short, after various shades of drama, I ended up sitting and helping her for about 1.5 hours while her sister entertained their friends.  Can't believe how it fried my brain.  We got the work done, but some of it still needs to be submitted after the friends leave.

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Good evening!

How are your areas doing on Covid cases? Our area has had a huge decline in cases. Dh's entire school district right now has 0 cases. Our county of about 70,000 has only had 128 new cases in the last two weeks. 

We went to church, and came home for leftovers. Ds drove separately and went out to eat with friends and to a local park to hang out. 

Dh and I watched a Madam Secretary. I did lesson plans for this week's math classes as well as ds' lesson plans. 

I made a list of things to do to get the house ready to sell. First and foremost is clean out and get rid of as much as possible. You accumulate a lot in seventeen years of no moving exasperated by almost 30 years of marriage. 

I started cleaning out our laundry room. How can one small room have so much in it? 


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