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I do not know Spanish and do not think I’d be a good student of it at this time. But I have a 12 yr old that wants to learn it. Can you give me your best sources for self pacing programs you’d recommend for a 12 year old?

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theULAT uses an immersive style

Duolingo is similar.

Neither of those spend much time on grammar, and of course speaking is at the student's discretion. They do a good job of starting to build vocabulary. For most foreign language learners formal grammar and speaking skills will require another person. For a middle school year, though, building vocabulary might be enough! Perhaps sweeten the deal with Spanish-language kids' showed on Friday.

If you have the money for an online tutor through something like italki or using Homeschool Spanish Academy or your neighbor's sisters daughter-in-law's brother-in-law even better!


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My kids like Duolingo and the ULAT.

We watch a lot of BASHO & FRIENDS on YouTube - songs about beginning concepts, but aimed at an older audience than the ubiquitous preschool Spanish videos.

https://fluentkey.com/ is interesting. It compiles tons of short Spanish videos (clips from TV and movies, YouTube videos, music videos, etc), sorts them by difficulty, and adds subtitles and periodic self-checking comprehension questions.

Many libraries offer free subscriptions to either Rosetta Stone or Mango Language which is similar. My kids don't love them, and I wouldn't pay for them, but they do a decent job of patiently covering the basics.

And if you are ever looking for a very reasonably priced amateur tutor or conversation partner, my son, who is turning 12 in a couple weeks, is a strong Spanish 3 speaker who holds his own in conversations with his native Colombian tutor. He often interacts with my youngest in Spanish and has gotten quite good at adapting his language so it is comprehensible to a learner.

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My kids are using homeschool spanish academy. 

So far my kids have had about 10 classes.  they like it.  the teachers are nice and friendly.  the teachers also asks you how much grammar you want taught, how much immersion, and I think they will go at your own pace.  Still feeling that out and we are on lesson 10, so we will see.  They seem pretty flexible to me. 

Duolingo is great too.  I wanted some immersion experience as well.


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