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All I remember of this book was that the main character's name was Alice, she was in foster care and had some pretty bad experiences (nothing graphic...book was very tame as far as details). She got in trouble with her foster mom (a real sleeze bag) for using hot water to wash the dishes - that sort of thing. The lady in charge of Alice's case gave Alice a dime and told her use it to call before ever running away. Alice ended up with a family on a farm - 3 boys, I think, no girls. It was the sweetest book and for some reason came to my mind the other day. I've looked up every possible title and done searches but have found nothing. 


Oh gosh...it figures that I just found it on-line! Runaway Alice...hooray!!

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10 hours ago, Elfknitter.# said:

Yes, that's it. I feel pretty foolish for spending so much time typing in every combination of Alice, foster care, adoption, etc. I could think of. Then I randomly typed something in last night after posting here...and there it was!

The unfortunate thing is that my successful search led to finding other books which I had long forgotten. Over an hour and more than a few dollars later, they are all ordered and on their way here. And so it always goes...

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