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2nd Grade Planning for 2021-2022

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My will be 2nd grader is in a Spanish immersion school, so she'll be doing that most of the day, but I'm mean and do work with her after school and during breaks. So her load is lighter compared to a fully homeschooled kid.

LA- TGATB 2, but will likely break into Killgallon and FLL1 as well, along with Syllables Spell Success for English phonics. Tons of reading and read alouds. I want to transition her to chapter books and away from audiobooks. 

Handwriting - Evan Moor 

Math - Start BA3, wherever she is after summer. 

Science - if she wants extra science, I'll figure it out. She's sometimes around for her sister's science, so she can tag along. She also gets Kiwi Co crates.

History - she'll tag along to whatever she can of her sister's, which is ancients this year. I also read SOTW at night, and should be doing Early Modern. She'll probably want more, she loves history.

Latin - Song School Latin 

Keep working on memory work and fact memorization, Prodigy, Reading Eggs, and maybe Night Zookeeper because she writes nonstop. 

Other stuff, like PE, will likely be soccer, surf, and a dance and an art class - but idk if those will be open in our area yet. 

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After two years, I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this homeschooling thing. I'm comfortable with my reading, math, and history choices. Science and art is still up in the air.

Math - Saxon 3. 

English - Lots of chapter books. Pathway readers grade 3 and workbook. CLE language arts 300 for grammar and spelling.

History - Story of the World. I've promised dd7 that we'll add in the American Girls books once we get to Columbus, so she's really excited about that.

Science - We have a really great nature center with awesome programing. They've switched to virtual, but have announced that they'll be back to in-person in the fall. So.... plan is Chemistry for the Grammar Stage.

Art - Will be trying Artistic Pursuits.

Spanish - Through the public school. 

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Latin: finish Prima Latina. Start LC. Song School Latin w friends 

Math: Finish Singapore 2B, start 3A. R&S 2&3 independently  mindset Math w friends 

Writing: Primary Language lessons, MP copybook and handwriting, start Writing w Ease 1

Grammar: Finish FLL2, R&S 3

Reading: Memoria Press 2nd grade lit

History: MP enrichment, Story of Civilization alongside brothers

Science: MP enrichment, Patterns of Nature. Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding w friends 

Spelling: R&S 3, AAS 3

Music: start piano lessons. 

Follow along with Christian Studies3

Co-op: US geography, Science (rocks& planets), STEM

PE: competitive soccer

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I think this is my plan for 2nd grade:

Bible- Memory verses and Indescribable 

Reading, Grammar, Spelling: Barton

Math: Math for a Living Education 4

Handwritint- copywork for continual practice 

Everything else- FIAR

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My 2nd grader will do mostly what her older sisters did many moons ago: 

Math: Rod and Staff

L.A.: Rod and staff phonics, spelling, English, reading (just the readers, no workbooks for reading,) reading SOTW books at her level and listening to SOTW recomendations. 

History/Art: SOTW vol. 2 w/A.G.  The projects in vol. 2 are some of my favorite for art, so we will do many.  We'll read the Usborne Internet Linked Art History book (I don't know what it is called off the top of my head!)   Might pull art lessons from Drawing with Children, and Arty Facts Science activity books to go with other lessons, seasonal projects, etc. 

Science: WTM style Earth and Space: Usborne First Illustrated Encyclopedias as spines, rounded out with Arty Facts books, lessons on geology that I have, Magic Schoolbus, and lots of hands on and field trips. 

Music: using SchoolhouseTeachers music theory this year.  I will look through them for something and use What Your 2nd Grader Needs to Know and WTM suggested books and CDs. 

enrichment co-op, girl scouts, dance classes, hopefully some in person library classes by then, but if not will continue to do their monthly take home kits and occasional zoom lessons. 


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My plan is coming together, but a lot depends on how this year finishes out. 

Math: Beast Academy, finishing up 2 and doing most of all of 3. Multiplication and Division Facts that Stick if not done over the summer.

Spelling: All About Spelling 3 and likely 4

Reading: if he's reading tons for fun: occasional reading aloud to me. If not, daily reading aloud to me.

Literature: read alouds as a family.

Writing: beginning cursive, unless he hates it, then he can continue to work on printing. Goal for the year will be to increase stamina and fluency

History: The first half of Hakim's Story of US as a family. Not sure how far we'll get. We're currently doing Story of the World 3, and I think a 2 year US History will fit in well here and give kids time to mature.

Geography: The Complete Book of Geography. This is going to be, along with handwriting and some other little bits, a main part of his independent work for the week. I hope he learns some geography, but mostly is an enjoyable way to build certain executive function skills.

French: French for Children Primer A from CAP with big sister (and mom). We'll see how this goes. I'm planning on not doing any English grammar with the two of them during this, except as it comes up to better understand the French. They've got a pretty solid basis already.

Science: plenty of this in our life and reading. Science museum membership, chickens, garden, science kits, PBS, etc

Bible: Hoping to start Telling God's story soon. We will continue if it fits

Choir? Or continuing Zoom choir if that's still the situation. Gymnastics. Cub Scouts. Book club. Hopefully library activities and playground get togethers

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DD is still working on reading fluency.

Math - Math Mammoth 2

Science - Elemental Science Biology for the Grammar Stage

Language Arts - I've decided to give The Good & The Beautiful Language Arts Level 1 a try this year. I'm not sure how that'll affect my previous list (still written below).. I'll likely still keep handwriting, or have her write a journal entry/summary, or do handwriting A Farmhouse Full-style.

  • Spelling - Canadian Spelling 2, or All About Spelling
  • Grammar - First Language Lessons 1
  • Writing - Writing with Ease 1
  • Canadian Handwriting B
  • Beginner reading list - maybe some that pertain to our history or Canadian history, or science
  • Read alouds aligned with history & Canadian history

History - History Quest 2 via BYL

Canadian History - DIY w/ Modern History Through Canadian Eyes, Canadian Homeschooler Time Capsule

Canadian Geography - The Great Canadian Adventure Tiny Travellers, Canadian Homeschooler's Trip Across Canada

French - DuoLingo Kids...

Extras -

  • Piano. We were given a great keyboard, and since our piano is still a work-in-progress, I'll have them learn on the keyboard for now. I have Music for Little Mozarts that I've had forever. I might try that.
  • Fine Arts - Medieval & Renaissance, not sure which program.
  • Some sort of emergency preparedness unit. Natural disasters, fire drills... a youth version of wilderness safety/survival (?) for bears mostly.
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COVID homeschooler, so excited to take the plunge for next year with kinder and second grader!

Transitioning from Sonlight Core K for preK and first this year to Sonlight/MP/other.

Math: Saxon 2 (I see others doing Saxon 3 so I guess we'll see how it goes? We did Math Mammoth this year and some Singapore, did not love either of those.)

LA: Sonlight LA 2 with grade 2 readers/ETC/Read alouds that I didn't want to skip from Core A, MP: copywork, Traditional Spelling and FSR E, NAC for handwriting. We're going to try Storytime Treasures as a transition to MP mainly b/c I already have a few of those books and I want to see how he does with this format. 

History: SOTW Book 1 (with kinder age sister)

Science: Berean Science in the Ancient World vs Real Science 4 Kids vs lots of books/interest led science. Why is it impossible to choose? haha

Bible: Christian studies with MP/Story Bible

Music: piano and choir, MP music enrichment

Art: Enrichment with MP and Art posters

PE: gymnastics and soccer

I initially started looking at MP for Latin, so if all goes well may add that in the Spring.


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Literature - various read aloud that I’ve accumulated. Probably a few re-reads from this year as well. He so enjoyed Trumpet of the Swan. 

Math - changing it up from Horizons to Simply Good and Beautiful Math. We’ll see how it goes... if I’m not happy I’ll switch back to Horizons. 

LA - finishing up the Foundational Phonics Word Mastery from Little Seedling Press, using an assortment of readers on hand, supplementing with LLFT 2, and for handwriting we have been loving the Getty-Dubay B

Science - tgtb geology, space and water of the world unit studies, exploring nature with children

Socials/Geography - Beautiful Feet’s Around the world with picture books Pt 2, do-it-myself Canada studies 

Spanish - brilliante level 1




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Started COVID Homeschooling this year for first grade, it was a success so already looking ahead to 2nd.


-Literature: Torchlight Level 2

-Math: Khan Academy, Spectrum 2nd Grade Workbook, "Addition Facts That Stick", "Subtraction Facts that Stick", "Multiplication Facts That Stick"

-History: History Quest Middle Times

-Spelling: All About Spelling Level 1. (Spelling workbooks were unsuccessful for retention this year.)

-Grammar/Writing: Spectrum Workbooks 2nd Grade

-Science: Blossom and Root Level 2

-Art: Artistic Pursuits Book 2

-Enrichment: "Outdoor Science Lab for Kids STEM book", "STEAM Lab For Kids: 52 Projects", an all day outdoor scouting style program, a physical fitness class through an enrichment center, 1 hour of Spanish immersion a week through an enrichment center, Friday Co-Op social meets, weekly museum trips with friends

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My 2nd grader will be doing:

Bible - family devotions and his own personal audio Bible

Math - Continuing with BA2 and into BA3, supplemented with Rightstart Math games

Handwriting - Write Through the Bible

History - Headphone History audio only 

Science - Science Shepherd, Introductory Level A with DVD

Art/ Enrichment - Forest School one morning per week

Phonics/Reading - Continuing with Logic of English and daily reading time (we have so many readers on the shelf and he also loves the library)

Writing - My First Story Writing Book from Usborne

I am not doing Grammar or Spelling yet besides what’s in LOE as his reading needs more practice first.

Music - begin violin lessons



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Math: continue From Quantity to Number (DH's book, beta testing almost complete! 😉 )

Piano: lessons/practice

Literature: Medieval - home-made list of books, discussions and narrations; also some (largely not medieval) poetry memorization

Writing: copywork moving into dictation, probably some exercises out of Serl’s Primary Language Lessons

Outside: hiking, swimming, gardening, biking

Art: lots of drawing and painting with some super informal technique discussions

Regularly, but not daily:

History: Medieval - SOTW/Usborne encyclopedia and SOC (just the texts), lots of picture books

Science: probably a project/presentation for the homeschool fair, otherwise mostly reading books

Movie Night: most Saturday nights!


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Math: CLE 4

Language Arts: Handwriting Without Tears Cursive, Spelling Workout C, Rod and Staff English 2, copywork from books we read, readers I assign

Literature: Ambleside Online Year 2 books (Understood Betsy, Pilgrim's Progress, The Wind and the Willows, Robin Hood, Tales from Shakespeare, poetry)

History: Middle Ages with Ambleside Online Year 2 )A Child's History of the World, Our Island Story, This Country of Ours, Joan of Arc plus fun supplemental books about the Middle Ages)

Science: Burgess Animal Book, Apologia Astronomy, Nature Study

Geography: A Tree in the Trail, Seabird

Bible: Community Bible Study, New City Catechism

Extras: Tae Kwon Do, soccer, extreme Lego building


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I think we are finally set. I don't know though, I keep second guessing my choices.

LA- First Language Lessons Level 2, SCM Copybook readers, All About Spelling level 1, TGTB Handwriting

Math- Horizons Math Grade 2

Science- Elemental Science Biology for the Grammar Stage, doing the lapbook instead of the student notebook for my 2nd grader.

History- Story of the World Volume 2

Geography- DK Geography 2, along with mapping in SOTW

Reading- Pathway Readers and corresponding workbooks

Art- TGTB Drawing 100 Fun and Easy Trees along with SCM nature notebook, Creative Line Design book 1, weekly picture dtudy and drawing, and then fun arts and craft subscription TBD

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We're calling next year 2nd grade for my globally delayed kiddo, but it'll effectively be a lot like a fourth year of kindergarten. I'm planning:

Blossom & Root Early Years Vol. 1
Let's-Read-and-Find-Out-Science level 1 -- second pass through
Heggerty Bridge the Gap Intervention Lessons (phonological awareness)
SRA Reading Mastery grade K, Reading Strand
SRA Reading Mastery grade K, Oral Language Strand
SRA Connecting Math Concepts grade K
KiwiCo Kiwi Crate (if it's not a good fit we'll switch back to the Koala Crate)
Keyboarding Without Tears, finish K and then... repeat K? Begin 1st?
Speech therapy, social skills group, OT, and PT/swimming (depending on if the indoor pool is open this fall and winter)

We've been working through Reading Mastery since early April, and I'm hopeful that we'll be to at least lesson 36 by August and can get through the remaining 124 lessons over the course of the year. The DISTAR/Direct Instruction approach is working so well for him for reading and language that we're switching to SRA Connecting Math Concepts as well. If it doesn't work out as planned, my fallback is going to be the final 2/3s of MUS Primer with RS and Ronit Bird games and perhaps to try ST Math again.

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On 6/26/2021 at 2:15 AM, Cake and Pi said:

Heggerty Bridge the Gap Intervention Lessons (phonological awareness)

How are you liking Heggerty? I’m looking into it but I can’t find a lot of info or reviews. Do you think it’s worth the money? 

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