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Audiobooks for science like SOTW?

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I am so thankful for the SOTW audiobooks.   Our family has been doing a bit of crisis schooling this year, and those audiobooks have made it possible for my first grader to still get some history exposure.  

Does anyone know of a similar resource for elementary science?    Maybe even a series that a first grader could listen to while he plays?  We have an audible subscription and a decent library.  


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This isn’t exactly analogous to SOTW, but nature lore books teach quite a bit to young kids. The Burgess Bird Book amd the Burgess Animal Book come immediately to mind. It’s on librivox, IIRC.   You might also check out the Ambleside suggestions for nature lore. I think many of those are on librivox.   Also see what Simply Charlotte Mason has resources for. The Pond one is on librivox too ... IIRC.  It’s been a while since we did listened or attempted to listen to it.  

ETA:  David Angus has “scientists and their discoveries” and “inventors and their inventions”. I didn’t listen to them. My kids listened to it without complaining but weren’t enthralled with them.

ETA2:  Kathleen Krull has a book on the lives of scientists that one of my kids enjoyed.  

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We’re not really a podcast family, but I know there are some science oriented podcasts out there. One we listened to this summer was excellent— California Burning. it’s a five  part series that explores the potential causes for the recent California fires. It wouldn’t  be good for young kids (early elementary), but middle school and up could probably enjoy it. 

perhaps others can recommend other science podcasts? 

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