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Tackling Saturday Together


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Good morning!

We slept in and just had breakfast. I've been messaging some people to save the date for ds' graduation party. I can't believe we are just 3 months away from being done with this whole school thing. 

  • lunch, dinner out with friends
  • laundry
  • lesson planning for next week
  • tidy house
  • do some prep for breakfast in the morning (taking it to SS class)
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Good morning! Warm and wet here, but not actually raining. 

I am having my coffee. Pancakes and sausages were breakfast for my crew. 

To Do:

Send AHG email about today’s meeting. Have to make a call on whether to Zoom or meet in person and many people will be unhappy whatever I decide. Ugh. ✔️ 

Recycle glass

Drop Amazon return


Pick up donations for the food pantry from church? Maybe move this to tomorrow, since I will be there anyway? 

Get cash or give Ds a card to use. 

Take boys to youth event. 

AHG Zoom

Make chx corn chowder for dinner. 

Have Ds call my mom.

Watch a movie with kids tonight? 

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Good morning!  
X-rays on my leg were negative, so that's a positive.  Still no weight bearing, so we'll see how it goes.  

To do:

  • coffee
  • grade, grade, grade
  • church, if I'm feeling confident enough on crutches
  • pizza for dinner
  • research square foot gardening, make some sketches, plans
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Hi guys!  Happy Saturday!  I kinda can't believe it's almost sunset. 

Today I slept in as long as I physically could.  It was glorious.  Then I spent some time watching some things I wanted to see on my computer.  Did a little bit of housework.

Kid2 is off with a friend, so I am planning to go in and clean her room overnight ... but that is a big undertaking, so we'll see.  The current plan is to take on the other kid's room tomorrow.  I also committed to reorganize our pantry this weekend.  And under my bed still needs some work.  Whatever doesn't get done today can be done tomorrow, in between client work.

I am planning to leave soon for my first long walk in 1.5 months.  Too bad I didn't get out there while the sun was still up, but it's better than not going at all.

That's about it ... pretty boring, but sometimes boring is good.

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Got lots done today, a bit more to do -- 

....finished Day Two of curing the pizza oven (that was mostly DH)
....finished (almost) the Part Five of the mystery quilt (one more step to go, but it's an easy step)
...planned 1st Grade stuff for Monday, just need to print
...fed kids all day

Still need to -- 

....make the extra kids leave at some point
...watch Wanda Vision
...do the last step on the Part Five of the Mystery Quilt
...leftovers for dinner
...return the movie we rented (Redbox), go to the store and get the odor rescue stuff
....also stop and get a patio storage box??? maybe??
...wash regular clothes 

just finished the 1st grade planning stuff, so now checking in with DH, see what he has going, and move on to the next thing....

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Of my list, I did get the extra kids to leave eventually (I love these kids, they are great, but after a week, we were ready to just have our family again).  

I finished Step 5 of the mystery quilt (man, I love this quilt!!) *and* got all the cutting done to start Step 6, which is the one (final clue) that released yesterday, so I am all caught up. Whew! As it's 10 pm, it is WAY past "stop sewing" time (I am terrible at making mistakes when sleepy), so no sewing, but that is GOOD progress for today. 

Returned the movie with DH; opted not to go to any stores. 

Did feed everyone leftovers for dinner (and we watched the Sat. night church instead of Sun. morning, since DH will be doing pizza oven stuff tomorrow). 

Now *finally* heading up to kick the guys off video games so we can watch Wanda Vision. 

I did get laundry sorted and will wash tomorrow. 

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