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Writing after Treasured Conversations

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My 9 year old is working through Treasured Conversations. We like it quite well. I can tell writing is not his favorite, but he is doing well. I'm not much of a writer either. My question is what next? I have my sights set on WWS when the time is right, but I'm pretty sure he won't be ready for that until later, so I'll need something in between. 

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We've introduced Writing With Ease in parallel with Treasured Conversations for my very behind 9 year old. TC usually on the weekends and holidays (when his definitely not behind 7 year old sister can join), and WWE on weekdays. Our other candidate to add on to TC was Rod & Staff, which my non-native speaking spouse found more difficult than WWE to implement. 

I like TC best, but I thought that both WWE and Rod and Staff had different approaches which were fairly complementary.

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I have reluctant writer over here. He worked through WWE and TC. We did IEW-SWI and SCC for a year, and I delayed starting WWS 1 until this year. I thought about doing it the year before and am so glad I didn't. Because writing was becoming a source of friction (common issue for many on here), I outsourced this to WTMA. I know there is no way that he would have been able to willing to keep up with the ramp up in output that comes towards the middle of the book. It would have been fine if we were doing it on our own at half speed though in 5th grade. 

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