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The Potter School's Writing Fundamentals 6 Teacher recommendation?

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I have to register WF 6 Class for my DD and the time and section which suits our schedule has a teacher named Anna Lilly. Does anyone have any experience with her? Does the teacher explains well? Tell me about the quizzes, tests, and homework load, and courses quality? Can anyone compare Anna Lilly with Jana Lake's teaching method, giving feedback on student's assignments and overall class experiences? Your experiences and insights will be appreciated. Thank you!

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My youngest son took WF6 with Anna Lilly last year.  He had a good experience.

He was in 7th grade at the time (this was before they reworked all the courses). I am not sure I can speak to the content because it has likely changed since we took it.  When they reworked all their English courses, WF6 became a 6th grade only class.

Overall he got good feedback from her. She was very gentle compared to some of the other TPS teachers we have had.  We have not had Jana Lake so I can't speak to that. 

We had done Elegant Essay and LTOW the prior year, so his TPS year was easy in comparison.


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