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Distract me with cuteness!

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1 minute ago, Melissa in Australia said:

Not cute but defiantly a distraction. There is a red belly trying to get into the pen that has 5 wild black ducklings that the ranger next door rescued and asked Dd to raise for him. 

We are finding it quite a distraction. 😳


Oh no! 

How will you stop him getting in there?!

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20 minutes ago, Melissa Louise said:

Where's the love button?!

Just found out I'll be sitting in ED all night!! So may need to stare into those big brown eyes every 10 min or so. 

Oh no, so sorry to hear. Here’s a hug:


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1 minute ago, Terabith said:

Thanks. Got about 2 hours overnight, but still waiting for a bed 19 hours later 🙁

How good are crows!! Off to read...

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22 hours after arriving, and we've finally got a bed. I'm going to have a little cry, go home, and hope to dream of the various cute things that kept me from losing the plot at 3am. 

Thanks all. 

It's hard to beat the pandas, but one two cha cha cha girl definitely made me smile. 

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