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Arabic online classes CLRC or TPS - any reviews or recommendations?

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I believe TPS is a Christian provider. CLRC is Eastern Orthodox based and does teach a few religion classes, but others are technically secular. I will send a PM.


(ETA I too would appreciate suggestions.)

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We had a great experience with TPS for Russian 1 and 2, and before I registered DD for Russian 1 at TPS, I looked at the reviews posted on the TPS site for it. The good reviews turned out to be accurate. The TPS Russian teacher is really excellent. Other items to consider: 1/ Length of the class and if your student can handle that. I've seen online classes range from 1 hour, to 1.5 hours, to nearly 2 hours. 2/ Is regional accreditation for the online provider needed or not? 3/ See if you can get a link to a recording of the Arabic 1 class. I have done that with TPS and other providers, and watched the class recording before deciding on whether the class will be a good fit. 4/ Though TPS is a Christian provider, DD didn't feel that it impacted the instruction. I worry more about the fit from how the instructor teaches and how adept they are with technology in the online classroom, workload etc.

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I think it does make a difference what the intent of the class is. As an example, there are some that are explicitly meant for Christians intent on proselytizing. Also a class on reading Arabic via the Quran is not going to be appropriate for someone who is seeking conversational skills.

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17 hours ago, maize said:

Dd17 has been studying with this Outschool teacher for a year and likes his teaching:



You can also find tutors on Preply or iTalki.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and insights.

Could you share some details about the Arabic course your daughter is taking? Which book are they using for Arabic beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels? Do students have conversation practice sessions along with grammar, reading, and writing lessons? Do students write essays and work on reading comprehension too?

Does the teacher explains well? Tell me about the quizzes, tests, and homework load, and courses quality? Thank you!

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