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Please share your organizational tools (FlyLady, MOTH, less sleep, packing lunches)

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Motivated Moms

A clipboard for each child with the day's assignments and chores

Menu planning for a week at a time

Delegation of housework (On this one, I reason that if five people and a dog live

in this house, one of said people should not be responsible for all of the

housework. The dog would be right there scrubbing toilets, too, if he had


I hate to say it, but (usually) an early bedtime and a 7 a.m. alarm. Give me time

to collect my thoughts before the day starts.

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I'm well-organized, but I don't necessarily utilize any particular strategies ~ beyond indulging in a minimum of sleep. I'm not into making lists, assigning chores, filling in spreadsheets, or establishing schedules. For me, it's all about doing what needs to be done rather than thinking and talking about what needs to be done. It never fails to amaze me, the number of organizational tools that exist on the market today. The time spent contemplating planners and organizers is better spent simply doing the work, imo. I apologize if that sounds curt. I don't know how else to say it other than to steal the motto from a company I don't even support...Just Do It.:)

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How about...not caring? lol

While I try to keep things sanitary, I just don't give a rat's behind about having the neatest house on the block (well actually, I do--we are next to woods and a cemetary).

It helps to have kids that have been trained to handle a lot in the house.

We just have important Larnin' to Do! (and that's my best impression of Daisy).

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Colleen -HA! you lucky duck. i wish I had a brain that could focus on ONE thing that needs to be done next lol. i see allll the stuff and want to do it all at the same time. Where do I start?? Or I start one thing and get sidetracked into something else cuz I see it and wanna Just Do It!! but job A isn't finished. Or i decide it's finished enough! And then i get sidetracked into some other job. So i end up w/ lots of half-finished jobs and nothing gets DONE. I definitely need "It" defined in that slogan :D


I am absolutely a list maker.

We have a school list on the clipboard.

I have a "morning routine" list for the kids--including getting dressed, walking the dog, eating breakfast, cleaning the table, and putting away dishes [if any] from the dishwasher.


i don't assign specific chores to kids, but like Colleen mentioned once-- If i request to a kid that job A be done, they get to be the one to do it at that particular time. And it is easier to say "look at the list!" ten times a day than to vocally spell out AGAIN exactly what they should be doing.


i taught my kids the magic words:


"What may i do next?"


Ask not what your mother can do for you, but what you can do for your mother.


even the dog --she might not have hands, but she sure can like the rice off the floor [i HATE sweeping rice!!] and she makes a pretty good distraction for the younger kids. our own Nana, lol.


EduTrack looks like it would really appeal to me. But while I love creating schedules I'm terrible at implementing them consistently. i like more flexibility. So i won't spend the money on the program. Homeschool tracker didn't appeal to me.


thsi year for 8th grade ds is required to document his work. If he can't produce documentation then he didn't do it. That is helping a bunch in taking a load off my shoulders for high school.


dh does a lot of the laundry. i also follow the same method that Chris in VA puts forth. :D



oh -- and definitely less sleep. 10pm to 2am is ME time, lol.

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Getting up earlier than everyone else. (If this doesn't happen, my whole day falls apart. Still not sure why, but there you go.)


Excel: I use it to plan schoolwork, chore lists for the kids, schoolwork schedule for each week and menus for 4 weeks in advance.


My diary that I carry around everywhere with me: has my basic food shopping list, an ongoing list of things that I want to buy when there's a good sale. This list includes EVERYTHING from bulk washing powder, to smaller items of furniture, to clothes.

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I think what works partly depends on what strengths your brain has or doesn't have. Flylady type methods are absolutely needed for people who have deficits in executive control & spatial relations portions of their brain. The systems that are created by people for whom organization comes naturally don't typically work for those people. So part of it is knowing yourself. Part of it will change as your family's needs change. The organizational demands with 2 kids in elem and 2 younger were vastly different than the organization needed with 1 in high school, 1 in middle school, and 2 in elementary, and me working part-time. (The demands have gone WAY up as my kids got older So part of it is knowing your family's specific needs.


Our challenges currently include a lot of appointments for me at work, a child with special needs, and various outsourced classes for my oldest two. I have always struggled with organization of objects, though I can organize events, people, etc. So given that profile, here's what works for us:


On Sat morning, we have a family planning meeting where everything that we need to GO to is written on a calendar. I also use large post-it notes for each day with the flow of who needs to be where when on them. I cross things off as we do them and toss the sticky note at the end of the day.


Sat am is also when I plan the school work for my elem students for the week. My oldest two must look at their long-term projects (papers , projects, and tests) and break down what they will need to do when over the next week in order to meet those goals. This is helping me to get out of the nagging business with them, and hopefully teaching them how to plan their own time.


Flylady's approach helps me with the housework. However, the emails overwhelmed me, so I just check in at her website. The kids have specific jobs to do, and extra work tends to be included in consequences. (If their misdeeds cost me time, they give me back my time through extra chores , plus some for the inconvenience. :) Or if something yucky comes out of someone's mouth, there are some yucky chores to be done.)

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Please share what tactics you employ to have things run smoothly in your home.



Terri in WA


I could never be a MOTH gal... ever. BUT - here's what works for me.


Weekly Grocery list/ menu/ activities listed on 1 page, usually a notebook. This is created every Monday. I am working on getting this on Excel.


Kids have separate lists for assignments (I have 5 kids, 2 of them teens).


Dh uses Microsoft Money to keep track of spending.


I sometimes write a short to-do list, or check the one I have on my iGoogle page.


Kids must have all schoolwork & chores done by 3pm, and no TV/ gaming until that is done.


I work a lot on character, which, to me is just as important, if not moreso, than academics. Respectful and cheerful kids are my goal. Zero tolerance for meanness toward each other (other than the usual bickering). "Listen and obey right away" has been drilled in the kids' heads. This has made parenting very enjoyable, for the most part.


For Sundays - I get up 1 hour before everyone else, get showered & ready to go. I then wake up the kids, and while they get ready, I tidy up the house in case we have guests after church. This works GREAT for me.

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are post-it-notes and lists. :-) I am the queen of post-it-notes to remind myself of things. I also use them for lists. For some odd reason, if I put something on a list, I'm more apt to do it than if I just think about it. :-) I've been known to add things I've already finished to my list just so I can cross them out.

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