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Favorite online GPA calculator please

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Would anyone be willing to post their favorite gpa calculator?

I'm double and triple checking something and I think I've spent so long on it that I cannot longer think straight.  If it matters...I live in a state that gives 5 credits for a full year high school course. Plus my teen has taken some dual enrollment classes.

Thanks for saving my day!

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I used this one to check my numbers, but I only use unweighted GPAs.  https://gpacalculator.net/high-school-gpa-calculator/

I've never heard of 5 credits for a full year high school course. I only gave 1 credit for a full year. DC classes here, based on what the local schools do, were pretty much all .5 credit for a one semester course (except math and science).  So, maybe the college GPA calculator may be more useful for you? https://gpacalculator.net/college-gpa-calculator/


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I've also never heard of a 5 credits = 1 year high school system. It's nearly always 1 or 10 for a yearlong course. That's confusing. I honestly wouldn't use that system. Is there some reason you actually need to? And are you sure that's common to the entire state?

I've used the one Bambam linked, but I've found over time that it's easier for me to do it myself with a piece of paper than to do all that data entry.

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