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Guest Hollow Biology

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I felt like it was pretty light in terms of academic content to be considered a high school level course.  My oldest DS did it in 7th grade (he is advanced in some areas, but didn't have a strong biology background in particular). He only did some of the suggested reading beyond the textbook, though.  I think for a student needing an easier course it might be ok, but otherwise to come out of it with what might be more equivalent to a rigorous high school course, I think you would really need to look at the reading beyond the textbook and either do all of it or maybe sub in some more challenging content. 

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Thank you for sharing about your son.

I honestly did not love their "spine" book, at least at flipping through it on first glance.  I was curious if anyone has ever actually used it. 

I am considering borrowing from their reading list to beef up a different biology that will work well for a reader who reads slowly, but is very smart.  I need this course to be college prep and lay a good foundation for possible college science requirement courses for a future non-science major, but still basic enough to understand the concepts so that the student is not just learning material for a test. As an adult, biology background really matters just in our everyday lives. This course needs to be teaching regular biology concepts a different way, but not on a middle school level.  I have a few months to organize a course of study plan. My tendency is to make a course way too full. So I am trying to be careful to avoid that.

I like the idea of adding in better genetics than the Apologia book. 


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I have used the Guest Hollow biology plan and then adapted it. I use the CK-12 online book and the workbook instead of the one on the Guest Hollow site and there is a newer one that seems to have more information. I use the labs (both virtual and live), the extra activities, and a few other books to add fun and reinforce the lesson. I think it's enough for a high school level course for a student who's probably not going to be a science major. It's actually way more biology than I got in high school!

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If you're someone who tends to cram too much in and not get it all done, I'd wonder if the course appeals to you because it does a little of that as well.

As with a lot of the Guest Hollow programs, the resources are seriously all over the map. It's a high school program and she has picture books written with elementary schoolers in mind on the lists for scheduled and unscheduled books as well as Ellen McHenry's Cells, which is really an upper elementary/middle school program. But she also cool popular nonfiction books. There's a ton of stuff - everything and the kitchen sink, essentially.

I absolutely think it could work for some families and students, but you're saying you want it to be a "college prep" course and I can't imagine describing it that way exactly. Though, that said, sometimes enthusiasm is more important than specific knowledge. 

The author is here on the boards and I'm sure would answer any questions you have.

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