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SOTW book favorites from all levels


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I’m looking for high interest books to accompany all levels of SOTW.  I’ve noticed that having the right books can mean the difference between a great year of history and a not so great one.

We did SOTW 1 last year, and this year we are working through SOTW 2.  We have really liked:

-Adventure books by Linda Bailey (Adventures in the Middle Ages, Egypt, China, and Greece)
-Ms. Frizzle Adventure books (Medieval Castles, Ancient Egypt)
-The Whipping Boy (really cute)
-a couple other novels I'll try to remember

Beautifully illustrated books:
-Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo 
-Arthur High King of Britain by Michael Morpurgo
-Robin of Sherwood by Michael Morpurgo (this had one line that really scared my son, but otherwise we loved it)
-Rosemary Sutcliff books on Odysseus and the Illiad 

Max and the Midknights (awesome and highly entertaining but one scary section with a grave yard and zombies)

There are a couple more that I can’t remember.  I’ve found the suggestions in the activity book to be either hit or miss (lots of misses lately).  Can anyone share their absolute favorites from all levels?  I especially like the ones I can buy with colored illustrations.  Love audiobooks too.  I also don’t mind a little fluff (like Max and the Midknights) as long as they are highly entertaining and fun to read.  I’m looking for anything grade levels 1-8.  Greatly appreciated!!!!


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And SOTW 4:  (we just finished WWII Pacific front, have not previewed past that point)

ETA:  If you see an (M) next to a book, that was a "mom" book I read for background knowledge, not appropriate before high school as a general rule.  Some titles on this list I allowed for my 8th grader but not my 6th grader.  So really take this list as a jumping off point for your own research, I am not in any way saying these books are appropriate for all audiences.  



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Dd is working through the history cycle a second time using the Human Odyssey books, but revisiting some favorites and SotW chapters to fill in gaps. She is on the second year of the cycle and my list includes:

For history reading -

Beowulf by James Rumford 

Saladin by Diane Stanley

Ibn Batutta, Traveling Man by James Rumford

Montezuma and the fall of the Aztecs by Eric Kimmel

Alongside history she reads these longer books -

The Lantern Bearer by Sutcliff

Selections from Tales of the Alambra by Washington Irving

Adam of the Road by Green

A Single Shard (Park?)

Canterbury Tales (McCaughrean)

Out loud we did/will do -

The Book of Three (ended up doing the whole series) earlier, with her older siblings she listened to the Mabinogian, but i wouldn't normally do that in the k-8 group

Norse Mythology audiobook read by Neil Gaiman (this was great, my dc have read all the Riordan books, so they knew a lot more than I going in)

The Inquisitor's Tale (Gidwitz, I'm a bit ambivalent about this one)

The Book of Boy (Murdock)

The Door in the Wall

The Midwife's Apprentice

Farmer Giles of Ham (Tolkien)

To The Edge of the World (Torrey)

I haven't found my list for next year yet...

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Russell Freedman's topical books, esp. the one on Valley Forge.

Diary of an Early American Boy, 1805, Eric Sloane (technically historical fiction)

Fairy tales from Brothers Grimm

Dickens, A Christmas Carol (P.J. Lynch’s illustrations, or Rackham’s)


George MacDonald, The Light Princess, The Golden Key

Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island (N.C. Wyeth’s illustrations)

Howard Pyle, Twilight Land, Bearskin (there is a picture book version of the latter done by Trina Schart Hyman)

John Masefield, The Box of Delights, The Midnight Folk

Tolkien, The Hobbit, Farmer Giles (Pauline Baynes' illustrations)

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