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They’ve resolved the accent issue by having an American voice. 

I’d start with the trial as suggested. Deals can be had on HSBC, but they also run sales when buying it directly from them. 

I’ve been generally pleased with it. For my struggling reader, I used it one year, took a year without Nessy, and just restarted this year. 

My first year, I appreciated that I turned into the cheerleader rather than the taskmaster. I stopped at the end of the year because it used a different sequence than I was using then. (Nessy does CVC+, R-controlled, long vowels. At the time I did R-controlled last.). I also stopped because I had the gut feeling that my kiddo was whole-word and picture memorizing rather than internalizing the phonics.  I returned to Nessy now that we’ve covered R-controlled and long vowels. And we are at the point where kiddo knows the phonics but fluency is the weakest.   So if he memorizes whole words at this point, so-be-it. We’ll cover phonics again in our spelling lessons. 

It does have the ability for the teacher to set the goals rather than their assessment, and I think there’s a way to skip around rather than being led through their progression.  It had some nice printables for non-screen learning, although they are color-intensive. 

There’s one game in particular that requires some typing. It’s not timed because it’s a way to earn weapons for the fun game portion, but it was painful to watch and wait for kiddo to sound out then hunt and peck. Most of the activities are mouse-based though. 

There have been a couple of technical issues mostly with the sound but perhaps they have been resolved in the year we were away. 

Their sales keep me content with their product. Full price would be worth it too for struggling readers as it provides a pretty fun way to get the information again and from someone not-mom. Sometimes I use it as “dessert” too. 

also - some of their games have been turned into apps; that would be a way to try it a bit. And their videos were on YouTube last I checked. 

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Our experience has been good, but I'm not sure how much it actually costs to weigh cost vs benefit (we were super blessed to get a pandemic scholarship through our state IDA chapter for my three dyslexic girls this school year). I let them do it while I'm doing Barton with my other girls, and I do feel like it's helpful. My girls remember the songs and sing them a LOT. It's colorful and fun. Perhaps not AS instructional as Barton, but.... a whole lot less work for me when I need a bit of a break! lol.

ETA: I forget there are different components. We only did Reading & Spelling, and my girls who used it are all dyslexic with adhd, and two of them are also autistic.

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I never used the reading component, but the typing was the one program that was positive and gentle enough for my extremely perfectionistic kid. In that case, accents and spelling weren't an issue-I'd discovered early on that accents and different languages were something that encouraged my kid to pay closer attention (for years, the only way to get through haircuts was to go to a Spanish speaking beautician) and with a natural speller, British spellings weren't an issue. 

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