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Home Depot has ammonia!

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And toilet bowl cleaner! I'm so happy.

I've been looking for toilet bowl cleaner at our Winco (grocery store) for a couple of weeks. Nada. I asked the checkout clerk about it this week and she said that's just something they don't get in very often these days, and if they do, it's an off-brand. And ammonia--I haven't seen any ammonia in any store since this all started last March. I wish I had thought to have an extra bottle of that on hand last February. It's not that I use it that much, but if I need to get grease off something, like the tile backsplash behind the stovetop, nothing beats ammonia. So I decided to do a Home Depot trip because I was impressed with their cleaning supplies last summer (Method soap refill when I couldn't find it anywhere). Big displays of Clorox 2-pack toilet bowl cleaner. And in the cleaning supplies aisle, lemon-scented ammonia for $1.52. Cleaning supplies are the only thing I'm having trouble finding at this time--tomato products, flour, and even toilet paper are usually well-stocked now.

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2 hours ago, Ali in OR said:

I've been looking for toilet bowl cleaner at our Winco (grocery store) for a couple of weeks.

I had been resisting buying cleaning supplies on Amazon since this thing started (mostly because I don't clean often enough and we had a good supply), but when, after 10 months into the pandemic (10 months!) my local store didn't have pretty much anything, I broke down.  Amazon had everything and the prices were incredibly low.

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