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What curricula are you planning to use Fall 2021?

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Mostly a continuation of what we're doing now ...

4th grade: MM, AAS, Fix It, Worldly Wise, typing.com, Building Thinking Skills, Mind Benders, homegrown science, Master Books America's story + reading list, Song School Spanish

8th grade: Video Text, AG, IEW writing followed by EE when ready, Apologia Physical Sci, History of Us, Visits To geography series, Art of Argument, Getting Started with Spanish, Victus Study Skills

12th grade: Chalkdust PreCalc, read + discuss + write about 20th C lit, VCR, Apologia Physics, sociology at the CC, Dave Ramsey Personal Finance, udemy drawing course

The one thing I'm debating is using W&R instead of IEW for the 4th grader. Oh, and the senior needs to pick an elective.

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My four will be in 7th, 9th, 10th, and 12th. I can’t quite wrap my head around how old they are! 

Bible: Apologia, missionary biographies, random stuff off our shelves.

Math: MUS Geometry (9th/10th) and Algebra 2 (12th), SM Dimensions 7A and B (7th). 

Social Studies: Notgrass Government and Economics (10th/12th), Diana Waring Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries rounded out with Kingfisher and Usborne history encyclopedias, library books, and SOTW (7th/9th).

Science: Guest Hollow Chemistry in the Kitchen (9th, 10th, 12th), Apologia General (7th).

English: IEW SSS Level C, AG R&R, books off our shelves for lit (10th/12th), LLATL purple and Gray (7th/9th). 

Language: ASL with local class (12th), German with a hodgepodge of things (10th), French ? (9th- she hasn’t decided for sure). 

Electives: Dave Ramsey Personal Finance (9th/10th/12th) Apologia Health and Nutrition (9th/10th), Something for PE (12th)

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I'll play! I've been trying to figure out which subjects need a shake-up and which ones can just be the next level of what we've been doing. DS15 will be a junior next year, and the plan had been for him to dual-enroll at our local four-year university like his big brother did. We have all been so happy with how that turned out, but the virus has thrown us a curve-ball (more like a million curve-balls!). DS15 has type-1 diabetes, and we are all more comfortable with him being home right now. He will (hopefully) get the Pfizer vaccine right when he turns 16 (at the end of May, he already qualifies in Texas except for his age), so he could theoretically do DE in the fall. But he hasn't taken the SAT yet to qualify for the DE program, and the deadline is mid-March, so that is not happening. At this point, we are hoping he will take the SAT in the late summer/ early fall, and get in to DE for the spring semester. If he does, he will very likely take US Government to get that credit out of the way.



For college-prep writing, I want to use CAP's Rhetoric Alive 1, short-answer response practice for history, and a couple of lit analysis essays for fun (he is a natural writer).

Literature will be a mix of classics from roughly 1800- present. Plus read alouds of lighter fare and Shakespeare

For creative writing, he will definitely keep going with the Writing with... classes taught by Jonathan Rogers (C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, P.D. Wodehouse, and L.M. Montgomery are the authors this year) plus the new teen writing discussion forum he is a part of. He loves creative writing, and this is the favorite thing in his day for sure! 😊


Pre-Calculus- Derek Owens- He is doing DO Algebra 2 (parent-graded) this year and it's going well, which is wonderful, because he was through with AOPS! 


American/World History (1865-present)- K12 American Odyssey + World History + Turning Points in American History lectures + Guns, Germs, and Steel + reading- We've already been using the textbooks and the lectures. I want to add the Jared Diamond book in to cement the overall picture of history in his head. DS15 is not a history guy, and he still has trouble putting it all in context. We also need to continue to work on geography, as there are definite holes there as well. Maybe I can add in some documentaries to make his visual brain happy.


Chemistry- Clover Valley Honors Chemistry for sure! My DS19 took this class (parent-graded) and he still talks about what a fantastic teacher         Mrs. S (Connie) is! This is the class that taught him how to study, and I am more than ready for DS15 to work on that skill. We will also do the dreaded chemistry labs at home. 


Spanish 3- We will continue to use my sister's TPRS materials and videos, but he will level out of those soon. We will keep on with Spanish Playground resources/ videos (they are awesome) and try watching Destinos again (we stalled out about 2/3 of the way through because it got too hard). I think he is ready to try some children's literature in Spanish, so I need to figure out what to start with. Hmmm...


Electives will (hopefully) be choir and musical theater, as long as he is vaccinated and nothing goes too wrong with the virus variants. He should be in a pretty good position to make the All-State Choir next year, as he just missed it last year. We will continue with mom-taught voice lessons and some music theory.


Thanks for starting this thread! It was good to put that all down on paper!

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My two oldest will be in eight grade next year. It'll be the last year of middle school and there's still so much I want to do! We school year round so this is what we'll do whenever weve finished with our seventh grade curricula:

English: continue with Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings and Excavating English, start Windows to the World

Math: Life of Fred Beginning Algebra and Jacob's Algebra

Science:Ellen McHenrys Protozoa and Carbon Chemistry? I'm not sure about this but we're enjoying her Brain book now and I'm hoping their enthusiasm will stay high

History:K12 Human Odyssey level 3 and Oak Meadow World History 7 (I'm spreading OM over two years because it feels too rushed for us otherwise) 

Will likely still be working on typing with ds using Typing Pal 

I'm planning on adding a language and need to start looking for a good fit. This thread was a good reminder. Thanks!




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I love these posts and hearing about everyone else’s plans! My son will be a first grader. 

Math - MM2, Xtra Math

English - FLL, WWE, Spelling Workout C

Religion - Story of the Bible, PACE Character Curriculum

History - Story of Civilization Vol. 1

Geography - Evan Moor Daily Geography Grade 1, Seterra online maps, map puzzles

Science - We’ll do WTM style science and get a few spines and other good books to study animals, plants and the human body. I’m a little nervous about this as I’m very much a plan and checklist kind of person, but I’m hoping a more laid back style study with lots of experiments and field trips will work out for us. 

Reading - lots of books to go along with our history and science, literature suggestions from Honey for a Child’s Heart, and whatever interests him 

Foreign language - Greek123 finish Kindergarten level

Art - Drawing with Children, Art for Kids Hub

Music - Hoffman Academy Piano lessons, Piano DustBuster app

Health - Abeka Health, Safety & Manners 1

P.E. - Karate, hiking, swimming 

Extra - Chess, Scratch Jr., Easy Peasy Computer Level 1, I’d also like to do a monthly composer and artist study 


Yikes, it seems like a lot! I haven’t worked out our schedule yet, but math, religion and English are daily subjects while everything else happens once or twice a week. 


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The NZ school year starts this week. Year 7/grade 6

Lantern English 1 - we are halfway through

I think iMacs foundations course 1 - we will do the test and see.  otherwise MEP7.  We may also add in a NZ curriculum revision book.

First Form Latin

Coding - doing an online course

SOTW4 and NZ history

Science - water science badge for first term. 

Music, art, dance maybe trampoline.


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I’ve been mucking through planning as well. Finally got the rest of the semester sorted, now moving on to planning our summer sessions & next school year. I’ll have a rising 3rd grader.

Summer 2021

LA: Chasing Vermeer, IEW ATFF/FMFT Unit 4

Math: Didax Pentominoes

Science: Marine Biology (Ocearch, Pinterest, library books)

Art: Math-in-Art, Ocean Art, Watercolor, Drawing, Printmaking

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

LA: IEW ATFF/FMFT Units 5-7, NaNoWriMo, AAS 5-6,  Typing(?)

Math: BA 4D-5C

History: HQ Middle Ages cont’d

Science: RSO Chemistry 


I’m so used to DS tearing through material... It’s a strange feeling to have hit a stride with him. I’ve been playing “catch up” for years! 

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Updated Plans
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I've been mucking about my shelves today, trying to sort out what I want to do.

I look at Youngest, and all that I have on our shelves is not a good personality fit.  She will lose her everlovin' mind if I try to put her through Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons.  So, so far my working list:


math--CLE 3 series & whatever beast academy she will tolerate, probably some cuisenaire rod work and games thrown in for fun.  She says she wants an app, but she hasn't liked anything I've shown her

history--SOTW3, probably just the audio, although I have the whole shebang here

science---no clue. She wants experiments.  I want ease.  Need to give this some thought. I may loop her in with my 7th grader 

english--again, no clue.

I'm going to give Moving Beyond the Page ages 7-9 a look.  Youngest is bright--she wants fast paced, no busy work, lots of art.  If anyone wants to point me in a direction, I'd appreciate it.


math: MUS Pre-Algebra with some supplementation from Core Connections 2 and Chalkdust Pre-Algebra

science: Prentice Hall Science Explorer Life Science, with some experiments

history: I think Human Odyssey volume 2 with student pages from K12, or History Odyssey early modern.... I'll give her some options and let her choose

language arts:  maybe IEW SWI-B? Voyages in English level 7 for sure for grammar.....She needs to brush up on writing a bit, both in volume and in style.


another year with the online charter, no planning necessary from me except I need to brush up on geometry as tutoring prep, it's been 4 years since I've had to tutor that last


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DS5th, DD3rd, DSK, DSBabe

Bible - The Ology, mom made noteboooking pages
History - SOTW with activity pages and timeline
Science - MP Astronomy
Art - Singing Made Easy (IEW), undecided between Artistic Pursuits and Virtual Instructor

Bible - Bible in a Year
History - Biographies and historical fiction for SOTW
Science - Tiner Biographies (Champions of Science, Invention, Mathematics)
Art - Violin, Piano
Math - Saxon, XtraMath
LA - NaNoWriMo, IEW DVD course, Fix It, The Creative Writer, Reading Lessons Through Literature, Typing.com
Language - Greek, Latin, Japanese

Bible - Bible in a Year
History - N/A
Science - N/A
Art - Ukulele, Piano
Math - Saxon
LA - IEW Bible Heroes > ATFF, The Fun Spanish, Reading Lessons Through Literature
Language - Greek

Bible - Bible For Kids App
History - N/A
Science - N/A
Art - N/A
Math - Undecided
LA - Reading Lessons Through Literature
Language - N/A

Things I'm Considering:
Bullet Journaling for 2 eldest
Online cooking class for oldest
The Amazing Dr. Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies
RFWP Philosophy

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28 minutes ago, Enigma6 said:

Slache- that is incredible! Wow! So how well has reality mirrored your plan?

Pretty well. I've learned that I don't follow through well with completely homemade, so I buy and tweak. I didn't develope the thing until my eldest was in 3rd, so I had a pretty good idea if what I wanted to do. I really just wanted all of the resources and ideas I had gathered in one place.

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I'll post again in the grade level threads later.  But for the most part I know what ydd will use: 

2nd grade: Rod and Staff math, finish grade 2, start grade 3, add in the multiplication blacklines for the 2nd grade. 

Rod and Staff phonics: finish grade 1, move into grade 2. Finish grade 1 reading and workbooks, move into the 2nd grade reading, w/out workbooks, just for practice and Bible when we get there. Spelling gr. 2, English gr. 2

Story of the World 2 and A.G. 

Earth/Space science.  Will go through our resources.  I just downloaded the free TGTB space unit, but I have a million resources for both.  Will sort through and pick some favorites.  I might see what Schoolhouseteachers dot come has

music: What Your 2nd Grader Needs to Know and probably lessons from Schoolhouseteachers dot com

PE: co-op classes and dance classes

12th grader: 

This will be a tough year for her.  She is behind in math, but is finally getting Algebra after working hard on it for a couple of years.  So she will be taking Geometry and Alg. 2 simultaneously from Mr. Ds online.  We will start the Geometry in the spring using the self paced and work through the summer, so hopefully, she will be finished with it quickly, But there will be overlap. 

Chemistry.  I do not know what we will be using yet.  Thinking about looking into Friendly Chemistry, but want to investigate some free online courses first. 

English 4, I do not have a plan for this yet, but will be along the lines of WTM literature studies and a final paper project.  She will likely not be finishing off the four year cycle in senior year, having done enough history and having such a heavy math load.  We may go with English lit? 

Art: this will be up to her.  Possibly out of the home classes, but possibly just continue at home using Schoolhouseteachers or skillshare

PE: co-op class and dance class. 

other electives?  sometimes co-op has something.  We shall see. She will have finished her Gold Award for girl scouts by then. and her studies are going to be tough.  Plus hopefully she will be working too. 

I really have most everything picked out.  I do have to spend a lot of time sorting through picture books and supplemental stuff for the 2nd grader.  And I do a library list each week to pick up books from SOTW A.G.  But we really have most of what we need I think.  I need to replace some R&S workbooks.  But even those turn to mostly textbooks, so not a lot. 

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Next year is going to be so odd for me. DD17 is graduating a year earlier so she is done with home in May. DS16 will continue Math at home but he will be taking CC courses as a junior. DD14 tested “highly gifted” allowing her take CC courses in math and science her sophomore year. We’ll outsource an essay class and Spanish 3/4. 

So, next year, I’ll be schooling just five full time kids and no high school students! 

DD12 - Rod & Staff grammar 7, IEW, Fix It, Plutarch’s Lives, memory work (likely IEW), Saxon Algebra 1/2, Apologia Physical Science, History TBD, and mock trial

 DD10 - Barton, Saxon, Rod & Staff grammar, Fix It, memory work, Plutarch’s Lives, Apologia, History TBD

DD9 - no solid plans except Barton & Explode the Code

DD7 - will do whatever we decide for DD9

DS 6 - Barton, read aloud, Rod & Staff Arithmetic 1, Explode the Code



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Rising 9th grader will be at home, it's up in the air about the rising 11th grader. He's been struggling emotionally and we're not sure whether putting him in school might help (super extrovert, unlike the rest of us). The thing is, he also struggles academically and we're not confident that he will be able to handle the workload and deadlines. The school we're looking at is only for 11th and 12th grade and claims to have excellent support--weekly mandatory meetings with a guidance counselor, etc.--but it's still up in the air.

9th grade: Bio and medieval history at WTMA with Dr. Bennett and Mr. Caro, assuming we get off the waitlists. I think they are the most popular teachers at WTMA. All the sections filled up within the first 12 hours of enrollment, before we'd even gotten on there. Saxon Alg 1. She's doing great at Alg 1/2 and sometimes even seems to be enjoying herself! She's doing Exp Writing III at WTMA this year and doesn't mind it, but she begged me to homebrew writing for her next year. Frankly, I think she's the sort of kid the SWB must have been thinking of when she wrote TWTM, so I feel pretty good about just doing the Great Books/History/Writing triad the way it's laid out in TWTM and not having a specific writing course for her. She also wants to learn...Korean. Come on, kid, I speak an Asian language fluently and you want to learn a different one! My plan for right now is Korean From Zero, Lingodeer app, and maybe after the first semester to get her into a weekly session with a native speaker. If anybody knows of any Korean resources, please let me know!!

11th grader, if he doesn't do brick & mortar: he'll finish up Saxon Alg 2 and go on to Advanced Math. I'm going to reread Rethinking School and see if I can find some way of making 11th-12th more enjoyable and effective for him. He doesn't want to go to 4-year college, but doesn't have anything else he wants to do either, so I feel a lot more pressure to get him prepared for adult life than if college was in his immediate plans. We let him know that if he wants to stop after this year and sit for the GED instead of continuing to 11th/12th, we'd support him in that. But he didn't want to go that route. 🤔

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First grade: 

Math: TGTB. I only bought it because it was $25 and I don’t see us continuing with Horizons. After flipping through it, I’m not thrilled, but it’ll do. 

LA: Pinwheels level 3. Once upon a pancake and Print Path OT. Possibly move up to The Wand after Pinwheels, or switch to something else. 

SS/Geo/History: I’m pretty set on Notgrass Our 50 States. We shall see. We do SOTW as an audiobook already. I could turn that into our main thing but I kind of want to wait and do that 2-5 grade. I’ll be subscribing to On Mission from the gentle and classical as well. 

Science: TBD. Probably just interest led.
Bible: TBD

Art: TBD. Maybe Evan moor or art workshop for children.

Music: TBD

Spanish: Calico Spanish on YouTube and  weekly Outschool class. 

Memory work and recitation will likely be  Psalm 23, a couple poems, and whatever phonics and spelling rules we hit in LA. We may possibly aim for the 50 states and capitals. 




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