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Reading/ language arts program for between Logic of English C and D?


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Long-time reader, first-time poster 🙂

My 5.5 is almost done with Logic of English C, and I'm thinking about taking a break before doing D, or possibly not doing it at all. It's been really great for learning to decode and building his reading confidence, but while he's now reading at a fairly advanced grade level, he's not quite at the developmental stage to make the most of the rest of the LoE curriculum (formal composition and comprehension). I think if we did D, I'd end up skipping or skimming over a lot of it. 

That said, I'd prefer something more formal or structured than "Just have him read to you!" I've tried unstructured learning with both him and his older sister, and we're all happier with a curriculum. 

Any suggestions for secular language arts/ reading programs that are beyond basic phonics but still suitable for K through (very) early elementary? 

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