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Covid antibody question

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I am hoping someone here has good knowledge, as I have been googling it and am unsure if I am correct in what I am understanding.

I have been worried I could have been the source of the Covid for my dad. He died Friday. He was sick the week before. I had a test for antibodies on Saturday. I would not have passed anything off in two weeks to him by then. My test for antibodies is negative. Would this mean I could not have had Covid 2+ weeks ago? Or could it just have been too soon? By the way, I was vaccinated Jan 14 and the Jan 24 test was negative for antibodies. They also did a Covid test, but results not back yet.

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What I'm finding is that from you getting Covid until an antibody test shows positive is 1-3 weeks. 

However - you KNOW there was Covid in the facility he was in. To think that you - with no reason at all to believe you had Covid - were the source and not the known transmission in his facility is not reasonable. You didn't do this. He was in a building with known cases - it only makes sense that his exposure was from them, not you. 

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I'm with Katie, Janeway.  His facility had Covid.  I don't think there is anything positive that will come of trying to figure out if it was you.  The chance is super small under the circumstances.

I am so so sorry to hear about your Dad.  I was away most of the weekend and missed that he passed.

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In fact, even if you did test positive, I'd assume you caught it there while visiting, not that you brought it to him. 

I remember you were concerned about a plastic bag you brought in - unless he was licking the bag for a while, seriously, he would be unlikely to catch anything from it. You'd have to 1. have covid, 2. be one of the about 20% of people who actually seem to infect others, 3. breathe or touch or somehow contaminate the bag with enough of the virus AND have him touch it and pick up enough to be a contagious dose AND have him touch his eyes/nose quite soon afterward - it would take a LOT of things going exactly wrong. Even though I'm in the "wipe down the groceries" category of people, I just don't see one object made of plastic harboring enough virus at room temperature long enough - especially as you have no indication you had Covid. Most people spreading it are symptomatic OR are pre-symptomatic - as in they don't show symptoms YET but a day or so later do show them. you never did so I doubt you could have shed enough virus, even if you had it, to infect him via a plastic bag. 

Especially versus the liklihood of him getting it in a building where there are shared air supplies with people known to have it, and people moving about the building, etc. 

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