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Tricks to learning from Audio

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DS has dyslexia and really prefers audio. I am trying to figure out how this will serve him long term though. How does one study from Audio? When you read you can underline things or take notes but that is harder with Audio.

I am thinking of trying some different things with his economics text. Such as reading questions ahead of time and when he hears the topic to listen through twice and write down the answer. 

Stop when he hears a new word. Write down definition and relisten to last 30 seconds or whatever. 

He is capable of college but the sheer amount of info means he has to find other ways to study!  We are learning to study textbooks differently but he just finished Barton the year before last and is 16! So we need to find ways to deal. 

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Two things I think — not that I know how to do them lol — 

One, have a pdf on a computer and the audio is tied to the computer.  I think that lets you put a highlight that is tied to that place.

Two, listen at faster speeds.  

I’m interested in what other people will say!  I’ don’t have personal experience. 

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My son has dysgraphia and is taking a single university class this year to try to sort out exactly these types of issues.  Disability services has an amazing guy who is going to help my boy work through the options over the term.  I'll post as he trials the different possibilities. 

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YouTube lectures to listen to. Usually they'll be community college courses, but for Economics it's likely all the same. Just search the specific topic and go. Books can be so dry, but if you have someone teaching it to you it's much easier, and college courses are mostly lectures - so all audio.


For his future - I think now with recordings, YouTube, all the tech, there're so many more options than that generic talk to text speech. There will be a lot of online lectures and info to listen to over and over until he can either write down his thoughts as notes or recite them in his head to know he knows the topic. 



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It takes time to build up higher listening speeds. It is easier for kids, though, I think. We watched some IEW online videos, he is excruciatingly slow at normal speed. I had to watch at 1.5X a while before I could build up to 2x speed. My son could watch at 2X speed immediately. Since the work we did was lesson based, not time based, he was very motivated to watch faster!!

IEW also has a note taking video, unfortunately it is at 1X speed only on our DVD, that uses the tree and branch method, a lot less words to write than normal note taking. After watching him at 2X speed, he felt even slower at normal speed.


Here is a blog showing the tree and branch note taking, the IEW video show you how to choose and use fewer words. I would think this would be easier to do while listening to audio than normal note taking.



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