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Honors Algebra 2 (not AOPS)

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Is there an online class for honors level Algebra 2 that is not an AOPS class?  My older son connected well with AOPS, but my younger one hasn't.  He's currently in an in-person Geometry class (not honors) and is bored senseless.  He really needs an honors level class, but there are no in-person honors options for homeschoolers in my city.  We are looking ahead to next year and want to find an online  option.  He is not autodidactic and needs an interactive class.  Recommendations?  (If AOPS really is the best option, we can try it again.  He would need some hand-holding because he has an incredibly low tolerance for math frustration.  What class option would provide the best support?)

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Derek Owens' honors for Algebra 2 is really challenging. I know his classes are asynchronous, but if a live, online class was offered, would that be more attractive? (I am currently teaching DO algebra live in Atlanta and to one student joins us via Zoom so I know how well it could work...)

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