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Tackling Monday Together

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Good morning!

I slept in because I don't have my earliest class this morning. I woke up a couple of times during the night but was able to go back to sleep after a bit each time. I just finished my bible study groups online. 

  • meals
  • 3 math classes online
  • school with ds
  • laundry
  • pay bills/update checking
  • learn to play new board game (Trekking the National Parks--my sister got it for us)
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Good morning! Quiet day at home for me because all my tutoring sessions are cancelled due to MLK day. LOTs of deskwork and administrative things to do!

B'fast, medication, and coffee.
Started laundry
Worked on getting our parental control software working properly on this laptop. I am so NOT techy!
Printed some merit badge worksheets
Clarified something for an AHG BOR
Ordered stuff on Amazon for mom

To Do:
Sign Ds up for church camp
Talk to Dh about teaching a MB and contact AC to volunteer to teach one
. Dh won't. 😞

Finish laundry
Appointment schedule and FA application turned in
Double check Thursday appointment - virtual or in-person?  
YNAB updated and pay one bill
Dinner is shepherd's pie and a green veggie
Have Ds call my mom

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Good morning! Out of school today for MLK day. I have a lot to do:


Google Classroom

Some school paperwork

Cook-the freezer is nearly empty of frozen lunches-done- made 4 things

Wash my hair

Work on some deep cleaning in the hall

Clean the bathrooms-done

Clean the floors-done

Pay a bill

Start cleaning out the file cabinet

Work outside if it warms up enough

Work in my son's room

Work in my room

Start deep cleaning the car

Call my parents-done

Make a grocery order-done

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Howdie!  I'm glad it's a national holiday, because I'm behind and hope to get caught up today.

I meant to sleep less than I did, but oh well.  I guess I needed it.  Now I just need to dodge questions about work I said I was gonna do yesterday ....


  • Notarized a document for a title transfer.
  • Working on coffee 1.
  • Caught up on calendar, emails, news, social media.

To do:

  • Lots and lots of client work.
  • Make the kids practice instruments & do some school-related stuff (though they have the day off).
  • Online church with the kids.
  • Hopefully get back to walking - I had a super bad week last week due to work crap.
  • Laundry?  Also housework.
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No school today...we are all moving a little slow.  It's cooler today, back down to the 60s by mid week. The wind has kicked in, so plans to clean front porch are out. 

To do:

  • order dd's bd gifts
  • grading
  • more lesson planning and posting
  • place books on hold at the library
  • meal plan and grocery shop, meal prep for week
  • work out
  • training session for dog
  • read for 52 week challenge

Have a great day!



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Flattened boxes and put them in recycle bin.

Cleaned humidifier, refilled it, plugged it back in.

Opened some windows - we need fresh air!

Moved laundry

Picked up new glassware that I ordered from WM. 

Filled a bird feeder 

Added things to grocery list

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My sister called about Daddy's appointment. He has lost 6 pounds since his last visit a month ago. The doctor did a lot of blood work and is doing a CT scan later this week. My sister is staying with him in TN and will then take him to her house in north Atlanta. I may get him again next weekend. His thyroid was off when they found his cancer two years ago. He was able to come off that medicine last year, so I am hoping it is just his thyroid needing that again. 

two math classes down, one to go. (Most of my families don't take the usual holidays off.)

breakfast and lunch done


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Finished my treadmill workout...always easier when I put on one of the virtual walks. 

Dh had to go off to a job site, so tackling just got reduced

Books are on hold, probably was an overachiever on what I think I can read this week.  I'm trying to add at least one each week from this site, recommended by someone on the 52 week challenge on these boards, can't remember who it was right now.  

Bills are organized, sort of...  

Laundry started

I'm halfway through my new water bottle that keeps me on track by hour.  

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Took a couple of things to a friend's for some quick sewing.
Dinner was ok, not great. Lost my recipe. Need to hunt for it online and reprint. DW is running.
Checked with Dd about her lunch for tomorrow.
Added the last detail to Ds' summer church camp registration. 

I'm tired and don't want to do the AHG work that's left to do because it's computer work. So I'll read, check Algebra, and enjoy some hot tea instead. 


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Math classes are done.

One load of laundry is done.

I looked and didn't really NEED to pay any bills until later this week,

We played the new game and we really liked it!

We watched a Madam Secretary, and I finished the Queen's Gambit. 

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