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2021-2022 11th Grade Planning Thread

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I am not ready for 11th! Where did the time go???

So far this is the plan for DD:

Math: AOPS PreCalc

Science: AP Chem with the Zumdahl book + labs

English: Finishing up IEW High School intensive and then do Windows to the World, and Lit from the WTM Modern list.

History/Geography/Art History: Loosely following TOG year 4 Modern. 

Spanish: Breaking the Spanish Barrier 3

Art: Meet the Masters and drawing lessons

Music: Viola and piano lessons. Orchestra after she is vaccinated. 

Other: get back into horse riding after vaccinating 

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On 1/16/2021 at 8:43 PM, Lilaclady said:

11th grade will be mostly DE for my kiddo. 
plan is

math- calc DE

lang arts- eng 1101

science Bio DE

history DE

FL- Spanish intermediate DE

only subject at home will be Business. I will be mostly chauffeuring but will be able to focus on the youngest. 

plan has changed as expected. She ill be doing only 3 subjects DE both semesters so will take

DE Calc 1 and 2- passed the Accuplacer for placement this week. 

DE Eng 1 and 2

DE spanish intermediate levels. 

Business at home with sibling.

she will take science and history in 12th. 

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All DE for my kiddo too. She really likes learning with older kids, and she’s also over-the-top extroverted so is super excited to get back into a social classroom. She’s focused on getting into an MCB major, so she’s heavy on science and math.


Math: Calculus 2, maybe Statistics if she can fit it in

Science: Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, Bio 1

Language Arts: English Comp/Research Methods (something like that)

History: World History

She has the foreign language requirement finished.


She does choir, and they’ll be doing an opera with a local company this year. And she does scouts, so hopefully they can go back to camping and backpacking. And she has a part-time job at her community college.

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3 hours ago, rzberrymom said:

. And she has a part-time job at her community college.

They allow her to work before turning 18? My DS16 was recommended by his math teacher for math peer tutoring in 2019 but has to be at least 18 so he doesn’t qualify.

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2 minutes ago, Arcadia said:

They allow her to work before turning 18? My DS16 was recommended by his math teacher for math peer tutoring in 2019 but has to be at least 18 so he doesn’t qualify.

I think it may depend on the CC, my dd was 17 and tutoring at her CC. 

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1 hour ago, Arcadia said:

They allow her to work before turning 18? My DS16 was recommended by his math teacher for math peer tutoring in 2019 but has to be at least 18 so he doesn’t qualify.

They didn’t have any age restrictions at her CC. She didn’t tell the professor her age at first though—they only found out when they went to do a background check on her and realized they couldn’t because of her age. 

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Well my poor girl needs two math credits, so she is doubling up doing Geometry and Alg. 2 in one year.  The plan is to do as much Geometry over the summer after work as possible, but she is planning on working, possibly two jobs, so it will be minimal, not a crash course, finish the course in two months thing.  It will be moving steadily along one lesson a day that she can manage it.  It took her three years to get through preAlg. and Alg. 1, but she is getting it now, so I think we will manage.  

So Mr. D's Geometry and Alg. 2

English- home course, British lit and writing WTM style is what I am leaning towards at this moment. 

Chemistry???  Got to research what will be best for us  for this. 

Art-  I am going to do bookbinding with her as a co-op class.  We are also starting a water color curriculum currently.  She will pick many other projects along the way I am sure, maybe add a Skillshare class. I usually award a half credit for art, but might consider a whole credit for senior year, depending upon output. 

PE- dance classes three times a week, possibly do some more theater if available and doable, plus co-op PE class (1/2 credit, the rest is extra curricular)

That is all I have for now.  That is five or five and a half credits.  We may add another elective.  We will see what co-op is offering or if something presents itself this summer.  For now, that is all she needs to graduate, and those four core classes are going to be intense enough for her, and she has completed more than the needed courses in social studies and foreign language.  Plus, she will hopefully continue working part time.  She is a girl scout, but has completed the highest award at this point, so she is only minimally active this year with Covid having shut everything down at council this year.  There may be more opportunities for things there again next year.  She was very active in several clubs and a youth board before this year.  

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On 1/16/2021 at 6:22 PM, freesia said:

I'm back to only one high schooler.  Weird!  I'll never have more than one again

Anyway, this is the rough plan:

AP English Language

AP Physics 1

AP Computer Science

Spanish 3


PreCalculus --Probably Saxon Advanced math

no idea about social studies.  Maybe this is the year to do Econ/Government???? 


Quoting myself now that I've fleshed out more details:

So, at AIM academy ds will take: Spanish 3, AP Physics 1, Pre-Calculus and AP English Language

AP Computer Science: CompuScholar

History:  He wants a World Wars class so I'll be putting this together after I get done with dd's grad

Health/PE:  Total Health (hopefully he'll do this over the summer), continued daily fitness plus maybe archery at co-op

Extra curriculars: FTC robotics team, NYLT (Scout leadership), youth group, TaeKwonDo, maybe continue piano, work at local farm/yardwork for friend or possibly a the library.

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On 2/24/2021 at 10:35 PM, gomax said:

Chinese 2 (Honors): The Potters School

Contemporary Ear Training: The Potters School

I am considering Italian at The Potters School for my ds.  I watched/listened to a sample class and it sounded great.  Is there any interaction outside of class for the kids?  My ds is looking for a bit of an online social group for Italian so he can build his language skills outside of class.  And do they really learn the language?  Thanks!

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Well we did basically nothing over the summer- DS's job got in the way.... ugh

We're the homebrew type of homeschoolers - make our own stuff as we go mostly. Plus DS is CRAZY busy trying to do a lot of stuff...

For Fall:

English - DS wants an all Shakespeare year (or maybe semester, though I've planned the whole year, we could break it at Christmas and do something else). Starting with Henry V (did Henry IV pt 1 and 2 in Spring) then 12th Night, Taming of the Shrew, Merchant of Venice, Henry VI 1&2 and Richard III for fall. Spring not as nailed down. 

Math - finishing the Pre-Calc we started last year. That will be done by Christmas. We had said we would.do DE in the Spring for the second semester but that plan has shifted due to issues with the DE program ... so we will see. He already stepped aside and did a probability and statistics credit ... not sure what will be on the plate come Spring. I don't think I want to do Calc at home but we may just have to... 

Science - Chem - just pulling stuff together, he did high school chem in 7th but we don't want to bring it up so this is an easy one ... 

History - Renaissance and Early Modern -homebrewed leaning on Merriman A History of Modern Europe and... stuff 

Aviation - Powered Flight (Ground school and flight lessons plus working on his gliding license with that gliding scholarship) 

Comp Sci - I know he's focusing on Java right now after mostly focusing on C++ last year, and doing some cybersecurity stuff. I just facilitate materials on this.  


Working toward his blackbelt test

Involved in the programming team at a local High School robotics team.

Volunteers at National Museum of World War II Aviation 

Only taking some small misc Blacksmith classes this fall, not a full semester of classes. 

Going to work on several ModernStates classes and CLEP exams in place of that cancelled DE. 

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