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Funny Commercial that didn't mean to be


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I saw a commercial the other day for a local shop that will take your old videos and pictures and put them on a disk or flash drive for you. Only the commercial opens like this:

"Do you have old pictures and videos of you at home that are degrading?"

Ummmm just pictures from college .... I cleaned up my act after that I swear! Please don't let my Mom see those pictures!



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When I was in college I was in a comedy skit group that wasn’t affiliated with our prim and proper Christian college. It was just a group of friends writing and acting out comedy sketches and video recording using those now ancient 1999 camcorders. It was hilarious stuff but definitely not Pastor and Mom Approved.

I sent a box home at the end of one of the semesters, and in it was a couple of videos tapes we’d used to tape our stuff.  One had like a TV movie label that the original user had recorded. My mom saw it and decided to watch the movie.

Omg.  Her shrieks on the phone filled my dorm hall. Now I wonder whatever became of those videos....

(I grew up homeschooled, oldest of 8, denim jumpers type if that gives you a clue about my mom in those days)

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