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Daily Movement - Sunday, January 10

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Wow, it's late in the day for me to be the first to post!

  • Walked 5.1K for Winter Warmup this morning.
  • Did my PT exercises and stretches.
  • Walked another 3.1 miles (to and from the pharmacy) for the Year of the Ox challenge this afternoon.
  • Increased my step goal by 1,000 per day, and met that on the way to the pharmacy.

I'm still behind for the Year of the Ox, so I might pop out for one more ramble after dinner this evening. I'm pretty tired after a weekend of doing chores, though, so I also might not.

  • "Pop" might be over-stating the amount of energy I brought to the process, but I did get out for another 2.4 miles of walking after dinner. Still about 20 miles short of where I should be for the Year of the Ox, but making up a little bit of ground.
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Today was some PT exercises, a 35 minute DDPY, an hour hike in the snowy woods with a friend  and an hour walk with friends.

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I got a little over 30 minutes on my exercise bike, while reading. I don't think I go quite as hard while reading as I did before--I need to be a little more present. But reading passes the time so much faster for me. 

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Biked a little with the kids, and this time I took the dogs out, one at a time, riding just around the cul de sac to get them used to it. They did great! Then put them inside, hooked up the weehoo trailer and pulled DD3 around a bit - I will say I can feel the difference whn she pedals and when she doesn't, lol. 

Then since my apple watch counted NONE of that as "exercise minutes even with my heart rate up, I put on a Walk at Home 1 mile video. Then later did a 25 minute DDPY workout with DH. My tris, lats, chest and shoulders are SORE from the last two days, so I picked an easier workout and didn't engage my upper body much - just wanted to get the blood flowing and flush out the lactic acid or whatever. Definitely an active recovery day. 


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