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Last semester of senior year (Yikes!)

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(cross posting - I wasn’t sure where to place this.)

I am feeling a little panicked today. We started school again after taking a month off and for my oldest it will be his last semester.  Nothing about this year has been as I thought it would be. 

I am curious if anyone who has gone down this road already has suggestions on how to spend the time.  
He is college bound, eventually, but has never been super academic. He has plenty of credits.  The plan was to make this year a launching year - take the SAT, apply to school (Boyce), make a plan to spend a gap year in Indonesia and raise funds, get his license, get a paying job. Academically: he did a prep course for his time in Indonesia, SAT prep, writing course, Chemistry, and is reading a variety of books for growth & development. 

Thanks to covid, Indonesia is not happening (he’s now applying for a year in Scotland with 20Schemes) and every SAT we have registered for has been cancelled.  Driver’s Ed was incredibly backed up and is finally happening this week. 

I was planning on adding consumer math but now I’m not sure because he still hasn’t been able to take the stinking SAT.  Do we just keep prepping? 

I guess I wasn’t expecting this panicked feeling of “Has it been enough, and what else can I teach him before it’s too late?!”

It’s not just me, right? Thanks for reading!

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