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Recommendations please for a Chromebook-type laptop

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My HP spectre solid state hard drive laptop has been a dismal failure from Day 1. Buyers beware of that! The salesperson did a great job on my husband, convincing him to buy it. We have absolutely no need for such a thing.

So now I want to replace it with something cheap, durable, long battery life. I just go on the internet, post pictures for my etsy business, watch netflix/hulu, zoom with kids. No gaming. I want something with enough processing speed that I can have multiple tabs open and it doesn't crawl to a standstill. I want a GREAT battery life (biggest complaint with HP spectre) and something that reliably charges (other complaint with HP, the charging cable has to be JUST SO for it to charge).


I'd love to hear your recommendations, or experiences with laptops that you've used.  I'd love someone to tell me how much processing speed I'd need, what else to look for/avoid. When you don't know what you don't know, it's hard to know what to ask. I'm sure someone here has all these facts on the tip of their tongue!

Thank you!!

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Just bumping this up. I'm at my wits end with my HP laptop that has now started to spontaneously turn off. Any tech people out there who could give me a recommendation?


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