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Dissection with video lessons - must be independent for child!

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I have a 9 yo kiddo who just got her first opportunity to dissect a deer heart with a friend. I've not seen her eyes shine like that in a very long time. It was love-at-first-slice... And she's desperate to do more. Problem #1: I'm very squeamish. There's NO way I'm going to be able to help her without vomiting, fainting, or both. Problem #2: She's dyslexic, so lots of print is overwhelming and stressful.

I've searched some old threads on dissection, but I'm just not sure how many of them will be something a 4th/5th grader could do independently, or if she'll just have to wait until she's older. I was hoping to find something that had accompanying video lessons to guide her through it, maybe? Any recommendations?

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I teach science classes to groups of homeschoolers and do tons of dissections.   I wouldn't recommend allowing a 9 year old to do most of them without someone on hand to help/supervise.    Would she be satisfied watching youtube videos of dissections?

If not, IF she's really good about using scissors and can be trusted 100% with sharp objects (still wouldn't let that age use a scalpel unsupervised), I'd recommend things like a starfish (can use scissors rather than scalpel), sheeps brain (scissor or dull butter knife sharpness scalpel), maybe a grasshopper or crayfish (also can be done mainly with scissors).    Scissors would be small dissection scissors that kind of look like nail scissors.   Even with these, I would strongly recommend you are nearby.    Dissection specimens aren't usually bloody and some of them aren't even particularly gooey (for lack of a better word).  

I have powerpoints for dissections that aren't videos but are mostly labeled pictures and diagrams.  I can send them if you decide to go ahead with this.     

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I don’t mind being nearby. And I can even look at it occasionally, as long as I don’t have to focus on it for too long. 😂 She has good knife skills in the kitchen, and I do trust her with knives of normal sharpness (she routinely chops up all manner of vegetables and fruit for me). 

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