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Limits; a transition to calculus (1966) by O. Lexton Buchanan


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Good Afternoon

Often toted as the “1960’s” natural extension to the Dolciani series is 

Limits; a transition to calculus (1966)

by O. Lexton Buchanan

May I ask if anyone who has experience using this text could recount there experiences. I am able to find true text still available but I have been unsuccessful in finding a description or a even a Table of contents. It’s the “transition to calculus” that gives me pause and questions. Is this best classified as a “preCalculus text”? Or given the era it was published in might it be better classified as introductory calculus?


Thank you.

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I've never used this text, but I was able to locate a brief review from the May 1967 issue of Mathematics Magazine (click on the picture on the right to enlarge the reviews section).

It appears to be a 186 pg book covering limits, sequences, and series, along with some applications. So its neither precalculus nor a full calculus book, but something that could be used in between the two courses to prepare for and motivate the ideas of calculus.

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I think limits, sequences and series get very limited time in calculus (no pun intended), and yet kids are expected to use them, so I would think that an introduction wouldn't be a bad idea. Although personally, if I were teaching calculus, I would probably do "intuitive" limits to start with, then move on to the fun parts of calculus without ever using limits explicitly. I'd do a second spiral with actual rigorous definitions.

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