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What does it mean to have a “Delacroix face”?


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I just finished reading Kent State by James Michener (great book, btw). In it, Michener describes someone as “the girl with the Delacroix face”. Maybe he explained what he meant the first time he used the term and I wasn’t paying that close attention, but he repeatedly refers to her this way. What does that mean to you?

When I search online, the closest answer I can find is that there is an artist named Delacroix, so maybe it’s related to that. Sort of like when you refer to someone as “Rubinesque” you know that they are referencing a large, voluptuous woman. But I’ve never heard the term Delacroix face before and I’m not much of an art historian. Any ideas?

(In case you want to see the face, it’s the iconic picture of the girl crying over the dead body after the Kent State shootings in 1970.)

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