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Tackling Monday Together

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Good morning! 

I've been having sleep issues this weekend, waking and not able to go back to sleep, starting to dream but feeling like I'm still awake, etc. I am calling today to get an appointment with a neurologist. I hope it is sooner than later. The usuals are done.

  • meals
  • teach 3 math classes online today
  • call neurologists to check on our insurance and getting an appointment
  • SAT math prep with ds
  • grocery shop 
  • laundry
  • get guest room ready for ds' best friend coming tomorrow while his parents go out of town 
  • tutoring lesson ready for an in-person student tomorrow
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I am so sorry for the sleep issues, Amy! Praying you get good help soon. Acupuncture can be very helpful for sleep troubles and the stress they bring.

Today is cold and grey. Sitting by my Happy Light, sipping coffee, wishing it were still vacation, wishing I could just stay home. 


  • Lesson prep
  • Tutor 4 students: 3 in person and 1 virtual
  • Trader Joe's
  • Bookstore for Christmas cards
  • Check on computer repair place.
  • Call mom
  • Dinner is tacos


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Amy, I hope you're able to get in with a neurologist soon; that sounds miserable. 

Today is sunny, but cold. All of my butt-busting work the week before Thanksgiving break now pays off, and my days from now till January are light 🙂 yay! (well, ha, I do have to do some prep for the weeks to come, but not yet.....)

So, today:
....Zoom show & tell with K at 10:00
...Zoom show & tell with 1st at 2:00
...gather the digital copies of the pics my son needs for his project so he can make the power point
....sew on my current project
....lunch/dinner is taken care of (dh is making his beans in the crockpot)
....laundry (fold a load, wash 1-2 loads)
....DH helps DS with biology so I think that is it for me today
...oh, ha, finish my coffee......

Have a good day, everyone!

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Sleep troubles are the worst! I hope you can get an appointment soon. 

My day today:

  • Tutor
  • Email two teachers
  • Library returns & December reading
  • Register for creative planning workshop
  • Meal plan and grocery shop before the snow starts this evening!
  • Mop kitchen floor
  • Yoga
  • Exchange size at college bookstore
  • Send family photo to my sister 
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Thanks, everyone! I got an appointment for next Wednesday. They may can move it up if they can get records of my CT scan and my last MRI. I've already requested those be sent and got the form sent back. 

Scout, it is interesting you say that because the first one I got in touch with does acupuncture. 

Two classes done, one to go. 

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One Zoom down, one to go. Accidentally had everyone waiting on me, as I started last year's recurring link instead of this year's......oops. Will make sure I do the right one this afternoon. Ha! Thankfully one of the moms texted me to let me know, otherwise I'd have been sitting there sad that no one showed up. 

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Slept rough last night. Two littles in bed meant very little shifting. Muscle relaxers on board this morning and now coffee...


Bible -  

Writing & Grammar with Bigs -  

School with Littles 

Barton x 4

Meeting with supervising teacher

Office stuff - phone calls and returning emails

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Laundry is started--towel day

Dh is angry because I asked him to move the box of hospital receipts that has been sitting there for 3 months. 

More quilting--have to fix the back of one


Dinner is leftovers

Scouts tonight--need to give the new SM a key--it's not MY problem to unlock every time!

I'd like to get some wrapping done, but dd has to bring the bags down

I just sent her up the road to pick up wreaths from the swim team

More Scout paperwork. Dh is angry because he spent hours doing an online class that CLEARLY said: if you do these recommended modules it doesn't count. You have to do these required ones. Well, sorry you don't read, but I TOLD you it is a stupid system!

More laundry

Write out recipe and pack for cookie baking at LEAD tomorrow. We're making cookies as a thank you to the firemen

Email student's mom to bring a treat as he's celiac

Check with K teacher about the kitchen

Finish lesson plans. I don't know what they got to a week ago on Thursday when I was gone. Guess we'll wing it! I have to stuff to start the Christmas ornaments. 

Print out Charolais photos for dd's ornament. Decoupage. 

Write kids


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Tutoring took longer than expected. Now I'm bumping storm prep ahead of everything else since we have 8-12 inches of snow predicted. 

We lost power for 24 hours after a recent windstorm, so I'm doing laundry and starting dinner and charging All The Things, just in case.

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good luck with the storm; that does not sound fun. 

DS figured out his assignment/his prof let him submit it with the glitch, so that was very good. Whew! 

DH brought our laundry upstairs for me, so I can tackle that - yay!

Zoom #2 done - only 2 girls showed up, but we had a fun chat. 

Going to put laundry in to wash (sort the basket DH brought upstairs) and then grab a snack and SEW. 

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Hi guys, happy Monday!

I was so lazy over the holiday weekend.  I did visit family, catch up on my walking, some housework, purging, filing, and a bit of client work.  But it's never enough!

Today, most of my "work" time has related to the fact that I'm named in a lawsuit that has absolutely nothing to do with me.  That's one of the joys of business ownership.  I think it will be OK, but yes, it is an added stressor and time suck that I don't need.

And my bird is not using one of its legs.  I have to start getting ready for the vet visit scheduled for 5pm.

I should also look up what homework my kids have outstanding.  I haven't checked since last Tuesday.

I did have important client work to do today, but I haven't done it so far.  Hopefully before bed?

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Today was a bit of a loss.  Did the requisite meetings and sent emails.  Phone calls are flipped to tomorrow.

Muscles feeling decent.  I miss baths a lot.  I think I'm going to put kiddos in front of a movie in the basement because DD has mock trial practice.  State competition begins tomorrow!!!  Then I'm taking a HOT shower and being a vegetable.  Easy supper tonight.

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Got the  next step done on my current quilt project; it is sooo good to have my sewing room back! 

Did school with DS because I had time, DH was busy, and it needed doing - I think DH was pleasantly surprised 🙂  (usually Biology is his subject)

Have the 1st load of laundry in the dryer, 2nd load in the wash; tomorrow should catch it all up again, hopefully

Also folded/put away what was waiting (had kids put away, etc.)

Next up: fold the laundry that came out earlier, get that put away, make corn bread for dinner (hmm, I should start that, I think we have to eat early b/c my stepmom keeps changing up the time she's meeting with DS on zoom to tutor him......yesterday's 2-4 got change to 4, and then a text at 3 asking could he get on then......today was set for 4, and got bumped to 8.......)

If I don't check in again today, have a good evening everyone!


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Got a good walk in. However, it's officially winter. I can't talk on te phone (when I normally deal with a lot of Scout stuff) as my battery drains in abut 3 minutes in the cold. 

Picked up stuff to make ornaments for LEAD

The vet thinks the cows both still have infections in their feet. We have "foot rot" here, in the soil. Our cows are immune, but these are cows we brought in. We have pink eye in the soil too, but our cattle never get it. When we boarded cattle one year, only one calf didn't get it. 

Still Scouts tonight. 

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