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Negative reviews for scented candles rise with COVID-19 cases

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I can see 2 explanations.  We've known a handful of people to test positive for covid, and for 2 their only symptom was loss of smell.  For one person, it was only for 2 days, the kind of thing that could be easily dismissed or not noticed.  There are estimates that the covid case count is much higher and there are lots of asymptomatic cases...that could be these people.  It's also possible that people are spending a lot more time at home and become nose-blind.  Usually we notice candles or other scents most when we enter a space for the first time,and if you aren't coming and going from your house you will usually quit noticing any scent, especially if you sit in the same room all day.  We've burned some seasonal candles and noticed that they quit smelling after a few minutes, but when we go outside and come back in the house smells great...its us, not the candle!  

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