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woohoo - I'm so excited.

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We've been using a room in the basement as a tv room/home theater for a few years.  2ds's desk has also taken up a large corner . . . . He moved to another room - where he can have much more space (especially as he's been doing a lot of working from home.  He has zero motive to move out when his commute is two miles and we're in a HCOL area.)

But, it's almost done!  1ds rewired it, 7.1 sound (not particularly expensive speaker, as I had a pretty limited budget when I bought them - but I can upgrade later)

I found a theater seating set - power and LED for dirt cheap (probably because they're in the mts. and they wanted it out for the space.)  decent condition - already has kitty scratches so I won't meltdown when/if the kitten adds his own.   exact configuration I wanted for the second row. (loveseat in the middle).  1ds was glad he put in all the outlets he did that he thought was overkill.   I'll eventually replace the sofa in the first row.    

And my snack bar fits!  bought off craigslist for a pittance.  (I'm cheap that way)   It has doors, to be reinstalled.  I wanted to put a mini-fridge inside for drinks, with shelves on the other side.  Add a popcorn maker (of some type), and a microwave.   

The boys "inaugurated it" last night by watching Rouge One in 4K.  It almost feels like a theater (with more comfortable seating) - and I hardly ever go to movies.

I think I need one of those 3D printed moon's to hang in a corner . . . . .   The carpet reminds me so much of building 4 at the Seattle Science Center.  They had a giant hanging moon.  I've no idea what they did with it when they changed the building.     

And the best news . . . I can finally!  put my car in the garage!  It's been in the driveway since sept. when I hauled the snack bar home . . . (and missing my van. . .cry . . it barely fit in the highlander.  For the chairs . . . I didn't even try to put them in the highlander.  I rented a van.  definitely wouldn't have fit in the highlander.)


eta: yes - that is the cat's tail sticking out from under the snack bar.  The dogs ran downstairs just as I was taking pictures of it.



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3 hours ago, Katy said:

That’s really cool!  I love the paint too. It’s very science center/ planetarium. 

It's not paint - it's a wall mural.  12' x 8 1/2'.    (I learned - if you want more than one - buy them at the same time!!!)  six panels, sticky back.  Like a giant removeable sticker (made so even for people who are renting, they can put it up, and take it down without damaging the walls.)

For anyone in the Seattle area - I have a mural we didn't use.  It has a nebula, and the density of the starfield is different so we elected not to use it.

I'm happy to give it to a forum member.  They reimbursed me, without requiring I return it.  (I ordered another starfield - and the colors were so different that one I did send back.)


mural gas cloud.jpg

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