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Second Annual Hive Holiday Card Exchange UPDATE: OK, we’re capped. Sending list tonight.

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I organized this last year and will do it again if there is interest. I think it was around 30 or so participants last year and I would cap it about the same if there is as much interest again this year. 

I started this because sending Christmas/Holiday Greetings cards is sort of dying out, I'm sure you've noticed. It is disappointing to send out a great bunch of nice, carefully-chosen cards and only get a small handful in return. So, this exchange is a guarantee that you will have around 30 or so cards this holiday season in exchange for the 30ish you will send out. 

Ground rules: Send any type of holiday card to all the Hivers on the list I will give you by PM, once I have compiled. Please make every possible effort to send out cards in a timely manner to everyone on the list. (If a crisis happens in your family, of course you're excused, but this only works if participation is highly reciprocal.) Cards can be religious or secular, handmade or store-bought, fancy or simple. 

In order to maintain the integrity of this community, this is only open to Hive members who have been around a while and whom I can identify as "people I know in cyberspace." This is simply not for newbies. If you would like to participate and you did it last year, and your address is the same, you can just say on this thread that you wish to participate again. If you want to participate anew this year, or your address or name has changed, please send me a PM. I'm trying to minimize the number of PMs I get because I have a bad habit of keeping my box more than 3/4s full; I'm a hoarder of old conversations. 😗 I *think* last year, all participants were in North America; I'm not sure if air mail to other continents is worth it for participants. I don't know how expensive or reliable/timely trans-continental card mailings are usually or this year in particular. 

I will keep this thread bumped as I'm able to, until we have around 30 or so people who desire to participate, at which time I will edit the title to say we're filled this year. Happy, safe and light-filled holidays to you all. 

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Mine are on their merry way!

Would love to, but can't. Sending you all a virtual card! @fairfarmhandWe used to keep the cards in a basket on the table after Xmas and pick one out at dinner to reread and say a quick prayer ov

I’m so glad you are all enjoying this. It’s such a nice finish on what has been such a difficult year for so  many. The cards turning up make me happy, too. I hope to do this year after year. 

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I am not really a newbie as I have been registered for 8 years or so. I have mostly just read over the years though and not posted regularly. I would love to participate in this if you will allow 🙂 Feel free to PM me so you can verify my intent and that I am a normal person 🙂😉

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I’m going to bump this one last time. There are several people who participated last year, who did not ask to participate again, but I hesitate to tag those members in case they just don’t want to this year. 🙂Which is totally fine, of course. But, here we are; it’s Last Call; if anyone else wants in, or anyone from last year is on board again this year, let me know! I’ll be distributing lists tomorrow. 


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  • Quill changed the title to Second Annual Hive Holiday Card Exchange UPDATE: OK, we’re capped. Sending list tonight.

Working on my cards now. They are coming from Alaska so if they arrive late, I apologize. Mail has not been taking too long recently from the lower 48 but as always, that can change.

Thanks for letting me participate! I lost my Mom one year ago and with that, I now no longer receive mail much anymore ☹ So I am happy to be a part of this!

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