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Tackling Monday Together

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Good morning! 

  • online bible study groups
  • meals      
  • tutor 2 students
  • chemistry and SAT prep with ds
  • tidy house
  • organize/clean in guest room  (my dad might be coming for Thanksgiving)
  • make a shopping list for the rest of this week
  • pay bills/update checking
  • laundry (sheets/towels)
  • talk the boys into playing a board game with me
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Good morning!

Today, I have:
...call dentist and reschedule DS (done)
...make the list of videos I need to make, plan them out, start filming (for virtual classes post-Thanksgiving)
...take my sister to get a bolt or something-or-other needed for a car repair
...call my friend who we are seeing on Friday, figure out what all I need to buy for that (eating together)
...grocery shop for the week, Thanksgiving, and Friday's get-together 
....laundry....? I think I'm mostly caught up, but DS19 has a quilt waiting to be washed, so will do that at least
...maybe sew some stuff -- DH moved his work-out stuff to the garage so we could fit my sewing machine in the bedroom, so I have a place to sew even while my sister is still here, which is much needed for my time off from school (she leaves either Dec 3rd, or not until Jan 9th, but I'm hoping she sticks to the 3rd, but even so....needed the sewing space) (hopefully it's all just not too awkward until then.......)

Hope everyone has a good day/good week! 

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Howdy, happy Monday!

Why can't we have 3 day weekends?  This past weekend was the first after we finished a big work project, so I had a lot of things I wanted to catch up on, but mostly I just caught up on sleep.  😛  I cleaned the house enough for the maids, cleaned out my car, almost caught up on my walking backlog, caught up on the laundry, started clearing outgrown clothes out of my kid's closet, and let my kids have friends over for half a day.  But I'm still behind on a bunch of things.

I'm glad this is a short school week though.  Of course the kids have at least one big project due tomorrow ... hopefully they take it seriously.


  • Laundry:  1 load washed, dried, folded, put away; last load in the dryer.
  • Woke the kids at least 5 times.  I think they are finally on their computers.
  • A little cleaning.
  • Generated reports re the kids' school work that they need to focus on (to the extent I have info).  Set deadlines for some of the stuff.
  • Caught up on emails, calendar, news, social media.
  • Placed an Amazon order.
  • Working on coffee 2.

To do:

  • Lots of client work.  Invoices, cash transfer reviews, year end projections, and more.
  • Photos for daughter's birth mom.
  • Follow up on kids' school work.
  • Lots of filing.
  • Some reading.
  • Make the kids exercise.
  • Walk - targeting 5 or 6 miles as I'm still catching up.
  • Some CLE online training.
  • Continue cleaning out kids' closets.
  • Listen to 1 church message if we have time.  (Almost caught up.)
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
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OMG. Apparently not going to take my sister on her errand, as the place is not open to the public, only business to business; trying to help her figure it out and got rebuffed. She can go when her (maybe/maybe not) ex gets here and takes her.  Can it be Dec 3rd, please????? (actually, she leaves on Weds for the weekend, so that is good)

Going to sew. Holy freaking cow. 

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Good morning! 


boy to school, packed lunch, discussed Hashimoto's with Dh, grocery, lesson prep.

To do:

  • 2 AHG things
  • walk
  • Whole Foods  
  • tutor 3 students  
  • remind Ds to read over his completed requirements before he goes to Scouts. SM conference tonight. Cancelled. Rats! 
  • Dinner is tacos.  
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Finally getting to the coffee, but the laundry is started, along with a quick swipe through the bathroom. I put away the PILE of work boots dh left all over the porch. Grrr.

Got the idea I should make cards from the latest photo of dd's, so that's on the to-do list today.

Put away quilting piles

Nag dh to get his piles of camping gear out of the porch bedroom--I need it this week when dd gets home

Got out recipes for pies--I'm making 4: brown sugar apple, maple pumpkin cream, pecan, and maple walnut. 

Wished dd a Happy Birthday!



Work clothes

Tried to contact a lady in town who makes cool wreathes. Dd has a gunny sack of wooden wheel spokes to get rid of, and I think this lady might do something with them. I don't know what, as I'm not creative!


Write kids

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Finished with the two students

I forgot I needed to plan the supply list and fee for an additional co-op class I'm teaching next semester, so I worked on that. I'm looking forward to it. It's a 30 minute hands-on statisticis and probability class for middle school students. 

breakfast and lunch are done

working in dd's room (I use it to store all my co-op and tutoring class materials, so i tend to spread it out in the room like it's my office.)

going to gather towels and sheets next

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EMG done - it was the "lite" version and everything looked very nearly identical to last year (little change and little increased denervation) which is a great Christmas present and SO strange that it can be qualified as a miracle - praise God.  ❤️  Especially after the Nurown Trial 3 released this morning with unexpectedly not great results and some seriously weird placebo effect?!?!

Onto the project closet!  

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had lunch

did school with DS

cut pieces for my next sewing project, using the fabrics my guys got me for my bday (DH took them and they each picked out a yard for me.....now I'm trying to combine a cityscape panel, a red/black Christmas plaid, a river stones print, and a cool/neat turquoise blender into one quilt......)

(if you feel like googling, it's Hoffman's Skyline Sensation panel and pattern; DH picked out that panel, and I'm going to use the pattern and some added fabrics to work the wonky prints into it....)

made a list of what videos I need to make

told my sister what time she can come back on Sunday (more drama. OMG. I would like to scream. I am sewing instead....)

dinner will be sloppy joes, meat is out (already browned the other day, so just need to heat/season/serve); DH's football team plays tonight, so we'll watch MNF for the evening

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Bulls moved, school done, eye appointment done, garden tidied and we’re having bbq for supper. Now gotta move cows and workout. 

should tidy the house and vacuum. It’s rather messy.

and found out my dd15 was exposed to covid over the weekend. A friend began having symptoms 12 hours after hanging with my dd. So it looks like she’s been exposed.

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Got a few things off my to-do list.  Should have done more, but I get stressed out and then distracted.  Ugh.  Nothing new!

Our garage door is apparently fixed.  We were without a functioning garage for some months.  Now the car that is in there (not mine) can be traded in.  (I don't park in the garage, so this is not a biggie for me, just one less thing to think about.)

Kids are putzing too much.  They are pretty bad at time management.  They will probably be up deep into the night again.  Ugh....

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Amy, I would say come on over, but oh, the drama at my house tonight.....I'll save you a plate, LOL! think it'll ship to GA? 

Got 3 of the 4 attempted videos done, and then my phone beeped at me that storage is full, so I need to transfer the ones I've done (and honestly, gobs more photos/videos) and make space, and then can do the others. 

Had yet another fight with my sister, which I won't go into, but apparently she is now (was already planning? as the letter was already written...?) moving out on Weds. I need to clarify some of the timeline of things that are happening, but that is good news to me. 

Got all of the rest of the pieces cut for my sewing project and will hopefully get some sewing time tonight/tomorrow; tonight is football, but either after/during if the game is boring, or for sure tomorrow. I'm happy with that. 

Y'all pray I keep biting my tongue and not taking the bait when she tries to get me to argue with her. It's tempting to try and clarify how I see things when she does this, and it's pointless to do so, so it's honestly better to stay silent, let her rant, and just keep calm. Hard, but better to do it that way. 

Okay, time to cook dinner/clear off the table so we can eat (although I think DH will eat in front  of the TV, depending on timing, so...). 

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Reminded my K teacher that I need her time sheet for LEAD.

Made 80 cards and tied them in bundles for presents

walked 9 miles so far--will finish tonight

Tried to buy Christmas tree permits, but the FS office says they're only online. Only I can't find it. I'll have to call the FS office tomorrow

FINALLY got the link for dd's bf's bridle and got it ordered. And found a coupon!

Nagged dd into calling her ds. Youngest is not going to swing low into Bloomington as her sister won't be there anyway

Nagged dh about cleaning up the bills box that has been sitting out for 2 months

Made a big supper--still have to finish the last of the dishes. 

2 loads of laundry done and put away

Got more brandy for fruitcakes

Found coffee for dh and one sil. I don't have to drive to Crested Butte!

Dropped of a firefighter ABC book for K teacher

Admired the new door on the new (old) shop that dh and dd's bf put up today

Still need to write kids

Mailed a fruitcake to a friend in FL. He has a fancy Italian restaurant here, but he leaves every winter as his lungs can't handle our insane cold

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Well, not a restful evening here bc some people in my family are being idiots. Sigh. This kind of stress is what has given me two autoimmune diseases in 10 months. Cortisol wreaking havoc.

Now it will take me hours to wind down and get to sleep...

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