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PSA: Shipping Mishap, LOL

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I shipped something from Amazon to DD2 at college. ✔️

A couple days later, I ordered two more things for myself. ✔️

Somehow, the default address had switched to DD2's college address and I didn't notice! 😶

So, she now has an ENORMOUS box sitting at her mailroom that she would have to lug completely across campus!! She's already given me strict instructions on the size of items/boxes I can ship to her because she can't lug them across campus and doesn't want to bring a little hauling cart with her either. This box defies those restrictions by a longshot! 😁

Luckily, DD1 is going to fly there on Friday and she and DD2 are driving back home together. So they will go together and lug the box to DD2s car to drive back home.

Funniest part is that it's a huge light kit that I ordered to put in DD2s bedroom as a surprise for her when she gets home! 🤪

So, SURPRISE, DD2!! 😂 She even gets to lug it around and have it take up half her car's trunk space on the way home!!! 😅

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A spin off on this is sending messages to the wrong person/group. About 12 months ago, I wrote a message to DD on WhatsApp. Something like "Good night and sleep well.  I love you".  But, accidentally, I sent it to the WhatsApp Group for our HOA.  Fortunately, 2 or 3 minutes later, I discovered my error and I deleted the message completely.   🙂

And yes, it is extremely easy to have something sent to the wrong Shipping Address on eBay or Amazon or some other marketplace when one has more than one Shipping Address on file.

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I accidentally sent snacks to a casino instead of DD's dorm at University of Nevada a couple of summers ago. Apparently someone working for the casino actually dropped the box by the dorm (they have the same number and street name, one is N and one is S-I assume I wasn't the first parent to do that!)

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3 hours ago, daijobu said:

I recently ordered from Door Dash, but accidentally mouse-swiped the delivery map, so that the destination pin was no longer my home.  

I paid to deliver Mexican food to a local Italian restaurant.  

HA! A friend of mine was talking to her mom (who lived two states away) and told her mom she was getting hungry after a long day. So she used Door Dash (or a similar app) to order a burger and fries at 11:30 pm. She continues chatting to her mom and 20 minutes later, her mom was like, "Hold on! There's someone creeping around my porch!" and then the doorbell rang. The dogs went nuts, the mom shouted for her husband to grab his gun, and they open the door... where the poor Door Dash guy is standing, holding a bag with my friend's burger and fries! 🤣

Friend had last used the app while visiting her mom's house the week before and forgot to change the address back. 😅 Scared her mom, woke up her niece... it was a whole mess. 🤣

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I thought of this thread Christmas Eve when Amazon dropped a huge, heavy box on our porch, addressed to my exchange student, who is in his home country for Christmas. The box was so heavy that it was broken, so I could see inside well enough to tell that it was a 40 pound bag of dog food, which seems an unlikely gift for a 16 year old boy! He has relatives in California who occasionally send him things here via Amazon, so his mom gave her sister/his aunt my info, and it turns out that I was the inadvertent recipient not only of a bag of dog food but also of three Christmas gifts for her daughter. Amazon refunded her the price of the dog food, I gave it away on my neighborhood FB group, and we are UPS'ing her other (smaller) packages today. The aunt was so embarrassed, but of course I assured her that I have done the same thing and that plenty of other people have as well. 

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