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Suggestions for history for a dyslexic 6th grader

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My youngest is dyslexic.  He has made huge strides using Barton Reading program.  We are just starting to tacking writing and it is slow going. The bulk of our homeschool day is invested in reading and writing, but I would like to add history back into our schedule.  My older children used Sonlight, Notgrass, Ambleside etc., all literature heavy programs.  While he really like audiobooks, I'd like to look at a more hands on type history for him.  Something video based would be fine as all of our school in person right now. Any suggestions.  Starting over with all new curriculum with the last kiddo has been challenging. 🙂

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My dyslexic kids often find listening to an audiobook while following along with the print version helpful. I know you could do that with SOTW. I cannot think of another history curriculum that has both audio and print like that. Another option would be to try and find living books that come in both print and audiobooks. 


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Maybe this would be helpful if you're doing ancient history.   It's a list I've put together of YouTube videos for Ancient History (if you wanted to start with ancient history).   It does give a good overview of ancient history, but it's not really a curriculum (there are no assignments, save a few worksheets I found on Teachers Pay Teachers and added for reference, and the TedEd videos have quizzes). 


For hands on though there is a ton out there.   It's actually not hard to find projects on pinterest.  What types of thing does your son tend to like (artistic projects, STEM, drama, food, making his own video, etc?)?   I could probably suggest at least one hands on project per civilization.  I not only did this with my kids I volunteered living history style day-camps based around ancient history, so I'm happy to offer suggestions. 

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