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anyone else using America: A Narrative History?

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I bought this book for my daughter and was wondering if anyone else was using it or had used it before? I have the teachers manual and access to some online quizzes but am looking for more resources that might go along with it and make it easy for my 9th grader to understand. I read through the teachers manual and the questions seem a tad hard (more at a college level) I could be wrong it's been awhile since I was in college history class 🙂 We haven't really gotten into it so honestly I haven't even tried her with the questions, maybe it will be fine, I just want to see what else I can find for resources to go along with it. I read some of it and really like it  so I think it will be useful regardless if the discussion questions provided are a bit challenging. I can always simplify them myself I just thought maybe someone had some experience with this textbook and could offer some advice.

Thank 🙂


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It is a college level text, so I'd expect the questions to be college level.  In general, I've found it more difficult to find instructor resources for college level texts, partly because they tend to be restricted resources that are no longer available as hard copies (it used to be that the hard copies would end up in the used market) and partly because they assume that the people teaching the courses are actually experts in the field (which is not the case with high school materials).

That said, thank you for posting about this book!  I've been interested to find a college level American history text that is as readable as Ways of the World is for world history.  Perhaps this is the one!

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yes, after I posted this I went back to the Norton website and realized I thought I thought I was buying the highschool level version but got college level😕 oppps! However, it is a fabulous book and actually really interesting to read, not too dry and full of information. I like the way it lays it out and covers everything and I feel like we will be able to focus on the key points and just not worry too much about all the extra stuff that makes it college-level. She is answering the questions that are every couple pages and seems to be understanding it so far! I bought the 11edition full version so it goes right up through to President Trumps first 100 days in office.  I find history really interesting and happy to add this book to my library.

I would still recommend this book to anyone, just be careful on which edition you buy I guess!

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