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ACT scores can't be downloaded or screen printed

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In the past you could download a PDF of your child's ACT score. That option is not available anymore. Also, only the student's first name is on the score report screen.

So if you need an unofficial copy for car insurance or application to the homeschool national honor society or homeschool accountability group or other reasons, you can not get one that has your child's first and last name on it.

I was told via email from ACT (a very nice person who responded quickly to all 3 of my emails) that I could have a copy sent to a local school and have them make a copy for me.  This would be free if we haven't used all 4 of our free ones. Or we can pay $13 to have it sent to a local school (I assume he meant high school). 

I'm not happy with this option. It seems if you pay for a test you should have some way of getting a copy of the scores.

Have any of you experienced this? Thoughts?




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I wonder if they did this as a result of losing $$ to informal reporting of scores?

I haven't run into anyone needing to see the score reports. @KendallHave you asked the groups if they will accept a screen shot? You are obviously not going to be the only one in this situation.

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I don't currently need them for those reasons (or they will take our word for it), but those are the reasons I have needed it in the past.  It just seems wrong that you pay for a test and can't either print or get a copy of the result.  A brick and mortar school could download one (According to the ACT rep) and give it to you, but that obviously doesn't work if you homeschool. I don't usually get worked up about such things much less post about them, but this got to me. I must need a nap:).   Thanks for listening.

I was wrong about the last name, though. The first name is all that is listed above the score, but in the upper right hand corner is her full name at the account icon, so I could use a screen shot or snipping tool to get the score and her full name on the same page. Not very professional looking, but it works. 


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How about this solution:  Have the web page open with the scores showing.  Type Control-P to print, then instead of choosing your printer, see if there is an option like "print to PDF" or similar.  Now it will create a pdf copy of your webpage.

I only learned about this a couple of years ago and it's been such a help to me.  

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