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Action Required on/after December 1: Reset Password to Log In to Forums

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On Tuesday, December 1, we are going to separate the logins for The Well-Trained Mind Community Forums and the Well-Trained Mind website. This means your forum account will be completely separate from your store account, which will increase the security of private information on our website.

This will require action on your part.

When you log in after 5:00 AM EST on December 1,
you will need to reset your password to access your forum account.  

How to reset your password: On or after December 1, go to https://forums.welltrainedmind.com.  Start the login process and follow the instructions and links to reset your password.  


What to do if you have questions or run into problems

If you can post on the forums: Ask your question or describe the problem on the Site News Forum in the pinned post “Action Required on December 1:  Reset Password to Log In to Forums”

If you can view but not post on the forums: Read the thread on the Site News Forum’s pinned post; someone may already have answered your question.

If you still need help, click on this link to send a support request to the Well-Trained Mind Press' Customer Service team.  A  representative will respond as quickly as time and information are available. Please don’t set up a new (duplicate) account--let us help you get your established account set up properly.

We hope for a smooth transition and thank you in advance for your patience as we work through any hiccups.

Answers to Anticipated and Real FAQs

  • We are making this change in accordance with best practices and to protect private information.  
  • We hope that this switch-flip will go smoothly, but we also expect some hiccups.  When they happen, we will be here to set things right.
  • You may use the same email on the Well-Trained Mind website and the Community Forums. You don’t have to, but you may. 
  • We expect that all the posts you have made will be maintained.
  • We expect that changing your password is all that will be required.
  • We waited until December to make this change to give you plenty of advanced notice so you were not taken by surprise. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that the forums remained easily accessible during November, which is a traditionally heavy-traffic time on this site. If we encounter technical issues which override the ability to read or post, we can address them during the relatively quieter time of early- and mid-December. 
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