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Popping in to see if anyone has any suggestions/resources?


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I have two adorable 4 yr old twins for piano. Mom speaks mostly Spanish (and only Spanish at home), and the boys, right now, speak mostly Spanish, although they understand more English than they speak (Dad speaks English). My Spanish isn't great, either (and I often try to pull up a word in Spanish, and end up with French or Italian instead....)


What is working well is for us to do some activities together, and then for me to take each twin to the piano for about 10 minutes 1-1, while mom plays a game or leads the other child in an activity that is relatively quiet on the carpet (and something that isn't so attractive to pull the other child's attention, so playing instruments is out, and I want to avoid screens for the same reason).  The book series I use has games designed to reinforce concepts and be played at home, but mom's English isn't good enough to follow the instructions (and I would have similar problems in Spanish).  So, what I'm looking for is this-does anyone know of any sources for printable folder-type games/centers that have both English and Spanish instructions? Math, as well as more general concepts like High/Low, Fast/Slow, and breaking words into syllables all relate directly to music, so usually I can adapt materials, but I want things that both mom and I can use reasonably easily and independently.


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I don't know if they would be helpful, but Tin Man Press has some great activity sheets, including a few sets in Spanish. Each activity is on a sheet of paper and answers are included (although rarely necessary.) Instructions are in Spanish, but as an intelligent adult you can often figure out what they want just by looking at it. I loved finding some fun activities that we in Spanish but weren't focused on the Spanish aspect.

Tin Man Press Spanish

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This site has lots of fun printables and activities in Spanish. It also includes English translations/instructions.


My favorite activities are a zombi pack (a zombi that chases candy so kid friendly) and the winter pack.

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