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Help my son with his statistics project..easy survey! (XPost from Gen ED and HS boards)


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If your high schoolers would be willing to fill out this quick survey to help my son with his statistics project that would be great! He needs it by next Friday and it should take no more than 10 minutes. (If they know their Myers-Briggs personality type it’s about 2 minutes, if they don’t know it they can follow a link to a quick test and it takes about 10-15 minutes to complete). 

Link for the survey is below. 



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I answered it for someone that I know their MB type and answered how many team sports they played for the high school.


The sports question is very vague and due to that, they are going to get very, very inconsistent results.  If they are trying to equate sports to personalty type, they need a more precise question about sports.

For the person I answered for......The two team sports they want to play at their high school, overlap in the same season, so they have to choose just one  right now.  So, does that mean they only play one sport? Even though according to their personality, they would love to play on 2 different teams. 

The author may want to clarify if they mean a team sport....Or just how many sports they play and know the basic rules to. 


Said kindly.....This question isn't worded well: (I don't want actual answers to these questions, but are just using them as examples on how this question could rate anything between a 1-7 on the sports question.). Here are some examples why:

If they play several sports casually, do those count? They have played on many sports teams for different sports as they were growing up, and still participate in most of them occasionally with friends or on rec teams. There are probably 7+ sports they play a few times per year. Do they want to know how many sports they 'can' play? Or how many sports they play in a specific period of time? (ie past calendar year? past week? past school year?)

What if they get together with friends on a regular basis to play a 'pick-up' sport but it isn't on a team?  Like standing Saturday basketball games with a mixture of friends?

How about if they don't ski on a team, but ski 5-10 times per year?  Skiing this much would absolutely be considered sports participation in a homeschool environment. 

If they run daily and do community events like fun runs, does that count? Or how about a marathon? They were on track in middle school, so this was a sport for them previously, but they just do it for fun/exercise now.

How about if they sail on a regular basis for fun, but don't do regattas? (The took lessons as a sport but there is minimal opportunities for it as a sport in our area) 

What if they would love play a sport, but can't afford to? (Cheerleading for my daughter was $1000 for 1 season in high school, there were lots of girls whose parent's couldn't afford that. It didn't have anything to do with personality of the girls.)

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