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How did I become a Moderator, you ask.


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A recent system upgrade to the Community forums made user roles more transparent. Because of this, several forum members noticed for the first time that they're considered Moderators. (This status is indicated by a badge on the member's avatar.)

If you're one of these folks, have no fear. You're not responsible for monitoring, flagging, and deleting posts in the forums generally. Nor can you.

At some point, you created a Club within the Community forums. In that specific Club (and only there), you are able to act as moderator because you created the club. So, technically, you're a moderator, but only within your Club(s).

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@Carol in Cal. Carol, I tried to send you a message but your box is full.  Turns out that you are the moderator of the Lutheran WTMers club.  Do you want to find a new moderator, or is the group pretty much defunct?  If the latter, I can delete the social group if you wish.  Let me know your preference. 

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