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Ways to use up milk?

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1: Make yoghurt.

2: Make paneer cheese: it is the easiest of cheeses to make. The internet has tons of recipes.

3: Cook with it. I make waffles, pancakes etc that call for milk when I have an abundance of milk that is close to expiry date.

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9 minutes ago, prairiewindmomma said:

My teen boys are no help with milk, unfortunately. 

I have made ricotta, but not paneer. Does anyone have a good tutorial link?

You boil the milk and add an acid to it (traditionally lemon juice or vinegar) and stir. The milk curdles and then you pour it through a cheesecloth and shape the cheese. I save the whey and use it as my liquid in soups. So, no waste. Any paneer recipe will work. Here are a couple:




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6 hours ago, Melissa in Australia said:

yogurt is easy to make. you just need to bring milk up to the right temperature, add a spoonful of yogurt, and keep at that temp for about 9 hours.

And yogurt lasts longer than milk (though how much longer I don't know) and can be used as in place of buttermilk and sour cream in many recipes. 

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18 minutes ago, marbel said:

This is a total aside: I do not recall ever using milk when making brownies. 😄 

But I do bake a lot of delicious treats using yogurt, lol.

Pour the milk into a glass and hand to the afore mentioned teen boy along with a slab of brownie.  Also works with cookies or pie.  

Scalloped potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, custard, pudding 

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