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planning thread for 2021

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Here is my Twins school plan 2021 would love feedback if anyone has suggestions or sees something I may have missed

Will be 10. Have FASD and intellectual disabilities so working at their pace

 We are beginning to move into second grade

Reading skills


All about Reading , plus Fitzroy read.  Alternating between the two as one gets too hard

explode the code

Extra readers- read to me in the afternoon

 Combination of Dr Seuss books, I see Sam books etc


Twin 2 has only just in the last week managed to remember his whole alphabet and that is only after extensive assistance form a speech pathologist who made up a little action story for every single letter. he has been using letter wizard to assist him in spelling as he needs that instant feedback if he has the right sound or not.


All about Spelling will start book 2 – moving very very slowly 5 words a day

Afternoon - Spell you see level 1 second half  - for some strange reason this book is working


morning  -We are working on Print. We will not be moving on from that.

Print wacky sentences then  Handwriting practice Jokes and riddles


Abeka  phonics and language 2

A book I call language that has things I have printed out for extra practice. It includes pages from Language Smarts, TGATB, amongst others it is at grade 1 level and is to reinforce learnings


Saxon 2

Plus something I have called fun math that is printed out pages made into a book sourced from math reasoning, Fitzroy math, TGATB amongst others. This is at K and grade 1 level. Things they can do by themselves and feel they are cleaver about knowing how to do something.

Afternoon - some work on counting money, and place value - just 5 minute daily work

We also play a literacy or numeracy game every afternoon 



We will be starting back at Ancients. We will do Story of the world again. The first time round we lightly skimmed lots of sections

 I am buying some extra activity books for ideas and have even lashed out and ordered some Egypt and Roman Playmobile

Literature will of course be based on ancients. I do narration with them,  literature, read aloud bedtime stories, plus audiobooks for an hour every day



Adventures in atom and molecules

Plus I have a kitchen chemistry set and a few other random science sets

Art and Craft

I have a respite worker that comes twice a week that does craft and art type things

Sport and Exercise

Swimming lessons ( assuming they start up again )

Bike riding

 going to the beach (we live beside it)



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I have started buying some stuff because I don’t trust shipping time frames right now.

I bought AOPS pre A for dd11 though I’m not sure if she will be ready.  We may take some more time to solidify some concepts.  I also have AOPS whatever comes after algebra 1 as an option for DS but to be honest he’s going so well with Saxon right now we might just keep on with that.  Youngest is still going through singapore.  

I bought second hand art of argument, and whatever the other two writing/rhetoric books recommended in Well Trained Mind are.  We are half way through writing with skill 1 as well.  But my dd now wants to work through that as well so I have taken a break from it with DS till she catches up and have just started reading art of argument.  Then we outline it then he writes one example of what we’ve discussed.  This is working quite well and I feel really positive about his progress in writing compared to a couple of years ago.  Once DD catches up we will work through Writing with Skill together.  I have really dropped the ball on writing with youngest and only don’t spelling and copywork. I have to give that some thought for next year.  I have writing strands but I don’t love them much.

history - we haven’t got through that much this year so we will still be going through story of the world 4.  I think I will also have oldest pick a topic and do a more in depth project.  

lit - going through WEM and WTM books and making a list of recommendation to head to open ops and see what we can find.  May also go through the wayfarers lit lists as well although I’m not feeling very inspired.  DS is on a Dorothy Sayers, Marjorie Allingham binge right now.  I haven’t had much luck with pushing longer classics yet and I’m not sure whether I want to or not.

science - nothing worked out for oldest yet, younger two I will probably use RSO physics as I have it already.  I do have a heap of Ellen McHenry stuff and ds likes them so I might just do a mix of that and GreatCourses

latin/ language - not decided yet but will definitely keep using duo, drops and the other apps.  I think our Picta dicta runs out soon so we might just do duo latin for a while.



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English - continue English 1 with Lantern English

Maths MEP7

Latin - first form Latin

History SOTW4 with literature

Science - science badges

Music - piano?


Independent while I work - Acellus (music,coding,science,geography), coding

PE - trampoline, dance


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I only have one in K-8, a first grader. And we are in US, so this is 2nd semester of her 1st grade year.  But since 2021 is the start of 2nd semester, I am in planning mode for changes to the new semester. So for Spring semester 2021 my 1st grader's plans are:

Rod and Staff 2nd grade math.  Starting from the beginning. She is finishing the 1st grade this month. 

Rod and Staff 1st grade phonics, reading, and worksheets. She is almost done with unit 2, so our goal will be unit 3 and as much of 4 as we can get in.  Will just continue unit 4-5 in 2nd grade. Then in 2nd grade (fall 2021) she will read the 2nd grade readers and do the 2nd grade phonics and spelling, but I will not continue the reading workbooks when she completes the 1st grade reading workbooks.   She will start the 2nd grade English in fall 2021 as well. 

SOTW1.  The plan is to complete this before August.  We are in chapter 13 this week. We do the readings, mapwork, extra storybooks, very occasional project.  In the summer, wherever we are, I will drop all extra work and just read from the book. 

Science: We will start a WTM style human body study. I have a human body coloring book, the Usborne Internet Linked 1st encyclopedia, various human body games, skeleton model, etc. 

Music, continue the SHT 1st grade music curriculum from their 1st grade in a box set. 

PE: dance and co-op classes. 

Extras: I actually haven't seen what classes are planned for her co-op for next semester yet. Hopefully that schedule is out this week.  This semester she had a great storytelling class. They learned parts of stories and did hands on activities that got them writing their own stories. She learned a lot. She had a hands on science experiment class. She loved it. And PE.  I am fairly confident PE will still be on the schedule. 

Girl Scouts. She is a daisy scout. There isn't much going on, and she is actually the only Daisy in our troop. The council has been offering some (expensive IMO) zoom activities. We have skipped those. She has met with the Brownies of our troop a handful of times this year for a field trip and a few meetings. We are doing her badge requirements on our own. It is what we can do this year. Not much troop activity.  

Art: we have done a few Drawing with Children projects.  Will continue some of that. Her R&S has a lot of little artsy things. We do a lot of seasonal things, some nature journaling.  Her science this semester was animal science, and we used a Thinking Tree Nature journal that has lots of drawing prompts.  We will be dropping that for human body this semester, but I did buy her a core TT journal for next semester.  I haven't decided how I am going to use it, but there is usually quite a bit of drawing opportunity there.  

I am thinking of doing a page a day from the journal to mix things up and get in extra writing and reading. She can use the Sotw and science readers we get from the library and do the little pages in it.  Or we can just use it officially on science days and only for science as we did the Nature journal last semester.  I am going to have to look through it to see how it work best.  (they are really just a nice set of guided notebooking pages you can pair with anything.) 


Anyway, I planned dd16 this morning.  It is good to think this out and type it up.  I feel very accomplished today. 🙂

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