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Is IT Certification would help you out after college?


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Yes, it can be something that would open doors, but do a lot of research and look through lots and lots of job ads. I'm an information technology professor teaching web development.

In web development the big ones here are Adobe Certified Expert and the Google ones (Analytics, Adwords, etc.). I have a CIW, and it's basically nothing in the local job market. It's an old cert now. 

My college offers a cloud certificate that prepares you for the AWS exams that are very in demand. There's also a concentration in the associate's in that field with even more opportunities. Same with cybersecurity which we orient towards the GIAC exams. 

But check the market. It really does vary. 


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It would depend on the interests of the person and whether or not employers place value on a particular certification. Many years ago, Red Hat found that many people could take and pass their written exams, but if they were then given a computer and told to do something or fix something, they had no idea what they were doing. So, Red Hat developed exams that also require "hands on" testing. That makes a huge difference...

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there is a massive range in what you might mean by an IT certification. The job prospects enabled by this will, likewise, vary quite a lot.

1/ understand, going in, that this is more a 'trade school' approach than, say, a compSci degree. It's not a back-door or alternative path to sw engineering jobs.

2/ this is a super (and I mean SUPER) fast moving thing. It's not like, say, going to welding school where the skills you learn will be valid for years or plausibly your career. Knowing what was current a year or two ago gives you a huge leg up on learning what's being used now, but the information turnover rate is fast.  That's totally fine - it just means you need to plan to make this an ongoing and forever thing. Honestly, that's true in many careers.

3/ I think this is a place to work backwards from the goal. Find some jobs - specific jobs at specific companies - that are interesting and understand what's required.  There are some really great careers down this path. picking up on what JanetC mentioned, I've seen people get AWS certs and then get jobs w/ companies that help other companies migrate to the web. That can be pretty interesting and pay quite well. But, find jobs that would be great to land and then understand exactly what they require.

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