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Possibly this might be an alternative to the thick book you purchased. If so, possibly you can return the book for a refund...

This was in 2017 and/or 2018, so I don't remember what it was called.  My DD had access to a Kaplan "Online" service that had videos the students could watch at their convenience. More importantly, at times, the students (Including my DD) could ask questions of a live Instructor.

My DD found that very helpful and somewhat more helpful than Khan Academy, which she used for most of her PSAT/NMSQT and SAT preparation. (Khan Academy is FREE)

It was very inexpensive. I think $100 USD for several months or 6 months.

There is/was a tie-in between ACT and Kaplan and I think I clicked from ACT to get to that information.

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I would suggest giving a full test first before starting on the book- get one from online, not the one in the book- just to give you a place to start.  Once you've done that,  you should be able to determine where you need to focus.  If its the math section, give him the math section from the book- grade it, then go through every problem he missed and explain why.  You may not need to use the entire book- its just there for you to explain every answer and help you take note of what you need to reteach or practice on.  I think there is a section on test taking tips,  if so, read that.  

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My son is working through this section by section. If the sections go fast, I tell him he should do two.

I am keeping track of how he does on some things I think he might be weaker in so that we can cover it (some types of grammar rules, for example). He says the explanations and strategies make sense to him. If they did not, we'd do it together.

We haven't used the practice tests yet, and it's a library book, so I am not sure if the codes will work. 

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