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Am I correct in understanding that homeschoolers can no longer register in any way to take the AMC exams, even though the competitions are being administered online this year?  Oldest DS took the AMC8 a couple of times when younger and we were able to register as homeschoolers and use local proctors, but that option seems to be gone.   Or is there a way to still do this? 

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2 hours ago, MamaSprout said:

We usually take it at a university an hour from us. There was a homeschool testing group that formed for the AMC 8 but I haven't heard about a group for the 10/12 yet.

ETA- Universities that take outside testers: https://amc-reg.maa.org/amc_external/amc_higher_education_sites.aspx?ContestType=AMC


Oh this is great info!  Thanks so much.  

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AMC 8 rather than 10/12 here, but I contacted a teacher at a local school that's hosting it and asked if my kids could take it as part of her group. She was fine with allowing them to participate.

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